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Align your wedding with a celestial event (like a Great American Eclipse wedding!)

Align your wedding with a celestial event (like a Great American Eclipse wedding!)

“We are getting hitched as the moon passes between the sun and Earth during the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017.”

Celestial events range from common phenomena like full moons to awesome-looking, much less frequent occurrences such as meteor showers and eclipses to awe-inspiring, rare miracles like the planets aligning. If you’re planning an eclipse wedding during the Great American Eclipse (or another celestial event), here are some tips to keep in mind…

A 13-color handfasting and fire dancing at this Quebec wiccan wedding

This Quebec wiccan wedding had a lovely handfasting that involved 13 of their friends, pagan and wiccan rituals, fire dancers, musicians, and so many of the couples’ friends contributing their wares and talents. It turned out to be a community-led wedding with fantasy, goth and viking details, and personal spirituality. You’ll want to take a look, especially at the bride’s amazing dress!

Wiccan forest wedding as seen on @offbeatbride

Swords and feathers at a woodland Wiccan Medieval wedding

Alexa and Joshua held their Wiccan Medieval Fantasy ceremony and reception at Mcintosh Reserve in Whitesburg, GA and it was a magical display of forest-y goodness.

Your princess IS in this castle: an elegant Super Mario wedding

Your princess IS in this castle: an elegant Super Mario wedding

If you’re an old skool Nintendo fan, you need to see this elegant Super Mario wedding. We’re talking felt fire flower bouquets and boutonnieres, tossed baddie plushes, Mario shoes and color scheme, and a kick-ass photo booth that would make any video game fan change their profile picture. Are you ready for this blast from ’80s past? Let’s take a peek at the whole gamer wedding…

Try not to cheesy grin at this Wiccan wedding decades in the making

Lisa and Dave’s sweet Wiccan wedding was a sight for sore eyes. Traditional Wiccan ceremonials and blessings were included in the ceremony, and Lisa was able to inject a little nostalgia via candle favors. One of the first gifts Dave ever gave Lisa was a box of Periwinkle crayons, so Lisa made crayon candles as gifts. But our favorite part was that they met back when they were just kids and reunited again on Facebook decades later. It’s a love story for the modern age. Don’t miss the cupcakes at the ceremony!

Priscilla & Christopher’s dark and gorgeous Wiccan handfasting

Skull details and spooky music set the tone for this dark and gorgeous Wiccan wedding. A little Lana del Rey, some old timey Disney music, and high priestess ceremony officiant rounded it all out. Don’t miss the World of Warcraft cake topper, the bride’s hidden purple and black tights, and their amazing highlights video.