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Wiccan handfasting ceremony script with crystals and a smoke cleanse

When Carson and Isaac shared their barefoot Wiccan micro-wedding with us, we were so touched by their Wiccan handfasting ceremony script that we knew it needed it’s own post! Written and performed by Carson’s close friend, we appreciate how this script seamlessly ties in all the natural elements and leaves room for personal stories from the officiant. If you’re planning a Wiccan handfasting ceremony, this script is a beautiful jumping off point!

This Wiccan micro-wedding was only $500

My high school sweetheart and I had a $500 Wiccan micro-wedding and only invited our immediate family plus a few of our closest friends. It was small and spiritual and honored us both exactly how we wanted.

A 13-color handfasting and fire dancing at this Quebec wiccan wedding

Our pagan wedding blessing and handfasting ceremony script

For those of you looking for some pagan wedding vows and ideas, I wanted to share my handfasting ceremony script. It includes introducing the handfasting ritual, a reading, pledges from family and friends, a ring-warming ceremony, and more!

Wedding inspiration with a black dress, dark watercolors, and a herb bundle bouquet

This Halloween wedding fashion inspiration has some of my very favorite things: plenty of rings, an herb bundle bouquet, crystals, skulls, and a forest backdrop. The herb bundle bouquet was home to florals invoking positivity, love, protection, inner peace, and self power. All of the decor and paperie is dark, elegant, and totally off the beaten path.

Love + intention: a Wiccan park wedding with a breastfeeding baby as the “bouquet”

I’m a witch, my husband is not. He knows now after being with me this long that I care a great deal about ritual, intention, and love. So, we set out to do everything by hand. We braided our own handfasting rope, we decorated our broom together, we brewed mead together, we painted and created our whole twelve (12!) invitations together. During anything we did, we lit a red candle, and we would hush to each other about love. We would declare our intent.

An Autumn witch lesbian wedding with tarot, tattoos, and beer

As practicing pagans, we also incorporated many elements of our spirituality, such as tarot readers at the reception and a Samhain memorial altar. Harry Potter has been interwoven into our relationship for 20 years, so we had subtle hints of our love for the series in our decor (side note: we got engaged at and shot our engagement photos at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter). We made our reception personal by including all the things we love: coffee, beer, tattoos, and tarot!