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Despite the name Offbeat BRIDE, we celebrate all identities and have subcategories for lesbian weddings, transgender weddings, gay weddings, and bisexuality, as well as genderqueer and non-binary gender identity issues.

3 reasons why you should choose LGBTQ+ wedding photographers

Hiring an LGBTQ+ wedding photographers has a kajillion benefits, but River and Root Photography has done the hard work of narrowing it down to 3 important reasons.

8 essential tips for non-binary wedding planning

The wedding planning process can look a little different when a non-binary partner is involved. There isn’t a lot of advice out there, so here are the most useful things we discovered along the way.

A magical gay Disney wedding with chosen family and a Thai water blessing

This gay Disney wedding was truly a celebration of love! Phinn and Andreas combined their culture, interests, and true selves to create the most magical celebration. They even included a Thai water blessing ceremony and a nod to the closing statement from the Obergefell v. Hodges landmark civil rights case.

Queer groom fashion LEVELED UP

We feel like we’ve been seeing lots of grooms get more daring and creative with their suits this year, but these two queer grooms took their outfits to the next level. Let’s get the full breakdown of this groom fashion…

A destination elopement with an epic post elopement party

Abby and Beth had a destination elopement in Costa Rica and a post elopement party in Arkansas! We are LIVING for the deep v-neck suit and dried floral bouquets from the destination elopement, but we especially love how they celebrated with their loved ones in an epic reception once they got home.

This gay multicultural engagement shoot screams main character energy

These grooms take traditional Indian groom attire to a WHOLE. NEW. LEVEL. This gorgeous gay multicultural engagement shoot is a beautiful example of embracing your heritage in your wedding planning.