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Old school Nintendo fans, gamers, and ’80s nostalgia hounds, your 8-bit wedding inspiration is not in another castle. It’s right here!

8-bit video game wedding invitations!

Just in time to celebrate Geek Week — Offbeat Bride Tribe member Darina and her fiance Niko have unveiled their 8-bit video game wedding invitations that they designed themselves! Darina explains: “We knew that we didn’t want standard paper invites. We wanted something for people to keep and remember. We are geeks. We love video […]

How to make geek-tastic 8-bit wedding accessories

After spying Donelle and Adam’s glorious 8-Bit wedding, we fell head over heels for the DIYed 8-bit boutonnieres, hair clips, corsages and, of course, Donelle’s “diamond” necklace. Here’s how you can make ’em.

Donelle & Adam’s 8-Bit Wedding

The offbeat bride: Donelle (aka. OBT member “Donna“), Graphic Designer, Musician, and Professional Ice Cream Slinger at Baskin Robbins Her offbeat partner: Adam, Creator of fine iPhone games such as The Battle of Pirate Bay Location & date of wedding: Wedding at parent’s backyard in Sacramento, CA. Reception at the Coloma Community Center in Sacramento, […]

13 nerdy wedding rings [updated for 2022!]

These are the rings you’re looking for! Gamers, pop-culture enthusiasts, and geeks of all kinds: Offbeat Bride is the original home of nerdy wedding rings. We’ve got geeky wedding ring ideas for all the fandoms: Star Wars wedding rings, Star Trek wedding rings, retro 8-bit gamer wedding rings, Harry Potter wedding rings, and more…