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Yep, ’80s theme weddings are totally a thing, full of neon, hairspray, and great songs. This is our archive of 1980s wedding dresses, wedding party ideas, and more!

Superficial snack: fantasy nymph makeup from a gorgeous boy

Fairy wedding with mushrooms and gnomes? Fantasy wedding with renaissance touches? This makeup tutorial may be just what you’ve been looking for. Rich color plus glitter, all from a way cute male makeup artist.

Having a time machine helps wedding guests Save the Date

Y’all have got to check out Grace and Matt’s Save the Dates based on various time machines in pop culture. Keep reading to check out the other two timey-wimey Save the Dates. (Bonus points if you guess which two other time machines will be used before you hit the jump!)

Lisa & Bill’s elegant neon 1980s rock wedding

’80s rock-loving groom + graphic designing bride = amazing paper goods! This couple somehow makes neon ’80s decor look super elegant and… NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP, NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN!

Cindy & Lance’s 1980s wedding

How do you pay nothing for a reception venue with 200+ guests? Read on for this couple’s ingenius method.

’80s-style, Vegas wedding reception FTW!

Lance and Cindy had a lovely little church ceremony and then it was time to PARTAY 1980s-style. We’re talking Madonna-inspired wedding dress, tight zebra-striped pants, heavy metal music and, well, you gotta see it to believe it.