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Vintage theme weddings can pull from many eras, and this is our collection of 1940s-themed wedding ideas and vintage wedding dress photos. You might also want to check out our collections of 1930s theme weddings and 1950s theme weddings. Still hankering for even more? Go bathe in our vintage wedding archive.

A little tropical, a little glam: this Cuban wedding inspiration is pure romance in 1940s Havana

A little tropical, a little glam: this Cuban wedding inspiration is pure romance in 1940s Havana

Set in the Evergreen Brick Works, a historic heritage site in the Don River Valley Park of Toronto, this Havana wedding inspiration pays homage to the elegance and splendor of 1940s Cuba. We’re loving the brick backdrop paired with a little bit of a tropical color palette and island-inspired florals and greenery. This whole shoot was warm, inviting, a little bit tropical, a little bit urban, and a whole lot of vintage gorgeousness.

Vintage weddings that slayed with throwback style

22 retro weddings that slayed with throwback style

Every day is Throwback Thursday when it comes to retro weddings with vintage-inspired details. From the 1920s all the way to the 1980s (where’s our ’90s wedding?!), we’re loving this retro wedding style. Here are some of our very favorite retro bridesmaids, 1940s elopements, birdcage veils, pillbox hats, polka dots, and classic cars.

Krystal & Matthew’s red carpet premiere film noir wedding

A red carpet, popcorn and soda, and even a film noir short film created by the couple — this is a cinephile’s dream wedding. Add in the 1940s-era outfits, Moulin Rouge-inspired gown, and delish food truck nosh, and these two totally know how to party film buff-style.

Keli & James’ video games comedy and butterflies wedding

They met playing Final Fantasy, had tons of gamer-happy music, and an epic Portal cake. I think we’re looking at a gamer’s paradise wedding here. A real live stand-up comedian at the reception made this dance-free wedding have no lack of entertainment. Oh, and you’ll love how the bride was given away by her dad and stepdad! Adorableness: check.

The Wardrobe Shop has the vintage-styled dress of your Downton Abbey dreams

If I know you guys at all, I know that you’re crazy about all things vintage. I know that you especially love vintage-style fashions. And if you combine all that with a (totally healthy!) love of Downton Abbey, I know that you are going to flip over our newest sponsor The Wardrobe Shop.

Create some retro fingerwaves with barrel pin curls

Holy gorgeous swirly retro curls, Batman! Tami Lee of My Moving Finger Writes knows how to rock out some retro waves that I know some era-inspired brides will totally be up for trying.