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If you’re looking for 1930s theme wedding ideas and vintage wedding dress photos, this is the spot. You might also want to check out our collections of 1920s theme weddings, and 1940s theme weddings, and art deco weddings. Still hankering for even more? Go bathe in our vintage wedding archive.

Kara & Adam’s 1930s-inspired aviation history wedding

A wedding in an aviation museum is one thing, but this couple added in some amazing 1930s details that take it to another level. We’re talking photos that totally suggest Casablanca, complete with a Humphrey Bogart-style groom in a white jacket. The air mail-toting flower girls, the “Adventure Book,” and a spectacular venue space just make it all that much more awesome.

The Wardrobe Shop has the vintage-styled dress of your Downton Abbey dreams

If I know you guys at all, I know that you’re crazy about all things vintage. I know that you especially love vintage-style fashions. And if you combine all that with a (totally healthy!) love of Downton Abbey, I know that you are going to flip over our newest sponsor The Wardrobe Shop.

Sarah & Rhett’s 1930s Art Deco winter wedding

1939 was the backdrop for this romantic wedding with a Quaker ceremony. With tons of flowers, immaculate decor, and a fabulous venue, it is easy to see the love that went into the planning. Plus, the reception had era-appropriate cocktails that seemed to make people ready to party — even the bride’s mom. This era-inspired theme week is rocking my world!

Candace & Erik’s 1930s gal meets ska boy wedding

Candance and Erik has a simple ceremony at the registry office in London. They created a vinage feel with her lovely satin gown and Erik’s pin-stripe suit and hat. Friends from all over the world came to see them wed and Candance rocked a leather jacket and skull ring to keep things ‘her.’

Sarah & Todd’s 1930’s, travel-themed, wine box wedding

Religion is very important to Sarah & Todd. But that didn’t mean they couldn’t make a few changes to their traditional ceremony, like adding the “wine box unity ceremony” into their modern-vintage travel themed wedding.

Tami & Tristan’s swing-dancin’ wedding shindig on a farm

Tami & Tristan got married on a farm next to a beautiful river in Melbourne. They had 1930’s theme and the bride entered the wedding in an old carriage! They finished the evening by suspiring everyone with a swing dance!