T-strap shoes that fit your wedding to a T {UPDATED for 2022!!}

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Ugh, I'm sorry for the pun in the title. I can't help myself sometimes! Let's ignore my terrible puns and talk about t-strap shoes instead. This vintage-ish style is a nod to the shoes of the 1920s and 1930s, although these modern replicas definitely have a sass all their own. T-straps have the advantage of feeling a bit more stable on your foot than an open shoe — and if you're looking for stability, I made a point to include a pair of t-strap flats in this round up, too.

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Comments on T-strap shoes that fit your wedding to a T {UPDATED for 2022!!}

  1. Yess! T-strap shoes are my absolute favourite! I love the Miss L Fire collection, but I will probably end up buying a pair of Lola Ramonas, if I can find them in the perfect rainbow combo =)

  2. T-straps! i knew there was something missing from my collection! so many drool-worthy shoes.

    and actually, it’s not borked this time! YAY you fixed it! thanks for listening! 🙂

  3. Yes! I’m wearing t-straps at the wedding, they’re so adorable and sassy. Chelsea Crew has a bunch of great ones, but they stop at size ten 🙁

  4. YAY! Thank you for some t-straps. I love them. I am looking for the perfect pair which have around a 3″ heel not too skinny not too thick, a round or almond toe, and are in a buttercup or watermelon or tangerine color…..clearly I am very specific…which is why I haven’t found them yet. 😀

    • I wore white t-straps from American Duchess, her 1920’s style 23 Skidoos. They might be just the shape you want. She also sells leather shoe painting kits, so if you like DIY you could paint them the colour you want.

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