watch out for the fire!

We've seen Jenni and Karen before at their queer Hindu vintage fashion wedding, and you know we are excited about this part deux that they submitted to the Flickr Pool! Red dress, red sari, gloves, bangles, and fire! We also saw quite a few photos with swords, some Knights of Ni, and even a little Gangnam Style. Check out what reader submissions came in from the Offbeat Bride Tribe, Pinterest, and the Flickr Pool.

Sword Arch



The Knights of Ni!

mario gangnam style

Getting ready

Buttons and white knots

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photography: Carly Bish Photography

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Comments on Swords, fire spinning, and a little Monty Python

  1. That link is amazing? Tornadoes? Floods? Bride stealing? I don’t normally bother to click on the clicky links, but that was awesome.

  2. My wedding was two weeks ago, and after a wedding party Time Warp, my husband spontaneously put on Gangnam Style (we had his father DJ, so it was no big deal for him to take control for a minute). At least a dozen people leaped in and started dancing. The photographers were on their way out the door, but stuck around to get a few photos of it. Hopefully we’ll get to see them soon 🙂

  3. Do not worry, more Gangnam style coming soon. We have a few shots of the bridesmaids “practicing” while getting ready, then some sweet moves on the dance floor. I anticipate a whole slew of Gangnam in the future…and I feel like for once in my life, I’m in on a meme at the beginning rather than after everyone else in the world has heard of it!

  4. The Mario/Gangnam style one is mine! Submitted it to the pool without remembering to put my Tribe username. Suit coat on the right is Mr Groom, left is Best Man. Best friends since kindergarten.

  5. Oh my god… the monty python skit? That is totally what my dad would do. I think I will keep this in my memory log for the future. Also, comic relief at a wedding seems like a great idea 🙂

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