A blissful Stockholm cherry blossom wedding

Updated Oct 12 2015

When we showcased some spiffy painted heels recently, we didn't know what else the wedding had in store for us. Then we saw it. And it blew our minds! We asked photographer Emmi-Sabina Forsberg of 2 Brides to allow us to bring this wedding to you guys because, seriously, it is frothy pink awesomeness with cherry blossoms on top.

Tribe member Fichterleen shared these on the Tribe plus a little of why they will have two ceremonies. This one was a Stockholm city hall ceremony to make it legal, but the second will be a blessing ceremony with her bride's father presiding and an enchanted faery theme! We will want to see those photos too… don't forget!

I'm squee-ing at their squee-ing!

The previously featured shoes!

An early proposal mentioned getting married under cherry trees and they made it happen!

They DIYed their headbands too.

Thanks again to photographer Emmi-Sabina Forsberg of 2 Brides for sharing these with us!

  1. these brides are beautiful and adorable and like the caption says, their happiness makes me happy. love it!

  2. Wow. Just wow… This is one of the most beautiful weddings I have seen!
    This is what the gay marriage argument all boils down to… two people who love each other simply choosing to make a further commitment.
    This is going straight into my bookmarks folder for anyone the next person I hear with anti-gay marriage views!

  3. This is just beautiful! the setting, the dresses, the sheer joy these women have! It makes me happy that they are happy

  4. These are some of the happiest wedding pictures I have ever seen. Both brides are incredibly beautiful AND adorable. The photos are amazing; they capture the beauty and the pure joy of the day. I'm grinning like an idiot at work.

    • Teehee, thanks! I made it myself. Was SO happy when I found that polka dot tulle and bought whatever they had left of it (which just covered the dress)!

  5. I would not have thought that I would like that much pink, but I love, Love, LOVE the dresses with the flower blossoms. The brides are so beautiful.

  6. This is so beautiful I've been forced to make my first comment on this site, although I've been into the wedding porn for months.

    Beautiful brides, beautiful blossom, cute shoes, and the best bit is how excited they are in the pictures!!

  7. Oh my goodness that is so beautiful! I love cherry blossoms and the dresses and the everything! I don't know when I've seen anything so picturesque. *swoon*

  8. That's beautiful. You don't NEED to wear white. And nature can play a huge part in setting. Happy for them, and props to them for having some shots with exposed tattoos. You can really tell how much they love eachother.

  9. I agree with Vivienne – this is one of the best weddings I've seen. The brides look so unbelievably happy. *sigh* Just gorgeous.

  10. There is nothing about these photos that is not swoon-worthy. Absolutely gorgeous, I especially love the shot where they're looking at each other with squee written all over their faces.

  11. Oh, wow, I think this may be the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen, no exaggeration! Congratulations you two lovely ladies– fucking gorgeous!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous! Even more beautiful having two gorgeous brides in the pics as it's such a lovely, feminine backdrop with the blossoms. Definitely swoon-worthy. Congratulations to you both!

  13. Those two are so cute and adorable I can hardly stand it! I hope they have many, many years of happiness ahead of them. 🙂

  14. These pictures are beautiful! What a gorgeous couple in amazing settings – they color coordinated perfectly!

  15. oh wow!! These pictures brought tears to my eyes they're so beautiful!
    I have always loved cherry blossom but those pictures were mind-blowing and as for how happy they look?? Amazing!

  16. I don't normally get excited about pink fluffiness….but this wedding was beautiful! Absolutely adorable and sweet.

  17. AUGH! I love love love this wedding! Where can I get that pink dress?? I need it! Maybe she would let me borrow it for my wedding… I bet we are close to the same size. 😉

  18. I think this is the happiest, most lovely wedding I've ever seen on OBB. The brides are brimming with joy, the cherry blossoms are stunning, and the photographer has done an incredible job of capturing this breathtaking moment in time.

    Absolutely stunning.

  19. Wow, just wow! I love everything about this wedding. Everything was gorgeous and you can see how happy the two brides are. I totally swooned at the sight of them in front of the cherry trees.

  20. This is seriously the greatest thing ever. There is so much love and laughter in all these photos. I want to squee for them too!! haha. Congratulations ladies!!!

  21. Aaaaw! What a dream come to life! I absolutely adore the pretty pink dresses – more like pink clouds would look, not a pink-pink – and those cherry blossoms in full bloom, perfect. I thought we had ours timed perfectly, dating the blooms last year, but we had an early spring so we missed the blooms by about 3 weeks … no matter, you are a gorgeous couple!!

  22. So sweet! I love everything about this, and the cherry blossoms are a wonderful backdrop. Also? Supremely jealous of both brides' hair.

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