Hello Super 8 Wedding Films and the Hello Guestbook

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Me 'n' Megan at my wedding!One of my dearest friends in the world, Megan Hill, just launched her new 8mm wedding film company: Hello Super8! I'm a 15-year fan of Megan's visual aesthetic — she designed the invitations and stickers for our wedding and also designed my business cards. And her taste in music? She was one of our wedding DJs!

Therefore, you can imagine my excitement to see Megan combine her retro-modern eye and funky-ass musical ear to the world of Super 8 wedding films … and I'm absolutely in love with her concept of the Hello Guestbook. You've got to see for yourself:

Although Hello Super 8 is based in New York and London, Megan travels all over for her wedding films … now, would someone in Seattle pleeeeease book her so that I can crash your wedding as her “assistant”?!

To see more of Hello Super 8‘s 8mm wedding film work, keep reading!

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Comments on Hello Super 8 Wedding Films and the Hello Guestbook

  1. These videos are gorgeous. I, too, love the look of Super 8 and can’t believe how unlucky I am to have found this AFTER my wedding…
    oh well, I’ll have my sister’s to plan soon!!

  2. this is wonderful! i wish i could afford a videographer. what is the obt discount? 😉

  3. Thanks for all the lovely comments… glad y’all like the films.

    As for Elle’s question, the song from the 2nd video is “Sea of Love” by Cat Power from her album “The Covers Record.” So pretty, right?

    • it's also on the juno soundtrack i believe. if you have that one lying around.

  4. it’s beautiful megan.

    you are my new hero.
    the music you choose just takes me back to the days of dancing on my daddy’s feet.

    i just might take ariel on that request for a seattle bride.

    would you wanna come to seattle/tacoma around may 2010ish? i’ll bake you cupcakes! =]

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