Sarah & Williams hot-as-hell wedding
Our wedding is shaping up to be 4th of July weekend… and it's gonna be hot. I've kind of got my heart set on having at least part of our wedding day outside, but man, the heat.

I'm concerned about our elderly guests, and then those friends who may over indulge on drinks. I'd really rather not move everything inside. What do you think? –bluefoote

We already gave you some great ideas on how to keep warm on your wedding day, but what if it looks like your date is smack dab in the midst of a summer scorcher? I know it's hard for some of you to imagine being all hot and sweaty because it might only be April, but we know that some of you are already starting to plan your summer wedding. Here are a few ideas of things you can do to help you and your guests feel more comfortable on a hot wedding day.

Avoid the heat

Hot ceremony
  • Adjust the time. Push the ceremony back so it's as late in the evening as possible. Think about a sunset wedding or a nighttime wedding.
  • Keep it short. Have a short ceremony and then bring the reception inside.
  • Find a venue near water. Lakeside or beach wedding anyone? Or, hell, get married ON the water on a boat — the breeze from a moving ship should keep everyone cool.
  • Shade is your friend. Definitely try to set up your ceremony in a shady location.

Cope with the heat

  • Have a pool party wedding. Pool parties are the coolest parties. (See what I did there?) You can totally take the “first plunge” instead of a first dance.
  • Fans and parasols. Turn your wedding programs into fans, or have fans readily available as favors. Or set out a bucket full of cheap paper parasols.
  • Dress code. Dress in breathable fabrics and inform your guests to dress for the heat — shorts, flip flops, light cotton shirts, sun dresses etc.
  • Hydration station. Have water, iced tea, and/or lemonade readily available
Djinnaya & Jason's wedding of WINNING
  • Hose it down! Spray down any concrete, stone, or brick areas with a garden hose to cool it off.
  • Rent tents. If there's no natural shade to be found, you can rent large tents to provide an escape from the sun.
  • Misters. You can get yourself an outdoor mist cooling system, hook it up to your garden hose, and set these fabulous misters up anywhere.
  • Frosty treats. Treat your guests to cool treats like popsicles or these awesome DIY ice pops.

Your turn! What ways are you planning on beating the heat on your wedding day?

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Comments on How to beat the heat on your wedding day

  1. For our wedding it was a 40 degree day in March, which was very very unusual! A friend mentioned some kind of talc powder from the chemist that stopped you sweating. I got some and used it for under the arms beforehand, but in actual fact it was cool enough by the time we were outside that it wasn’t really needed. But it was a good idea, and should be passed on!

    Luckily it wasn’t so bad overall, particularly because;
    – we started everything at 5.30pm, later in the day
    – our venue had LOTS of shade, and the ceremony area was completely in shade by the time everyone arrived.
    – we gave the ladies fans for favours
    – our reception was partly indoors with aircon as well as having the outdoor area.
    – I was having far too much fun to let any of it bother me!

    • Don’t use actual talcum powder….it’s powdered stone and not good for you. Use unscented baby powder (ie, cornstarch). A light dusting helps to absorb perspiration.

      • Its not talc, that’s just the closest thing its similar to in my book! This stuff is specifically designed for people with sweat issues, so has some kind of antiperspirant built in.

  2. Wow! I have been wanting someone to invent this for a while but it looks like they already have!!! This makes me so happy 🙂 thank you!

  3. Reviving old comment thread!

    I’m English but getting married in December in Cape Town where it’s going to be a tad warm so reading these tips avidly. We’re making sun shades which will then be used as table clothes at the reception back home afterwards which addresses the direct sunlight

    What we’re struggling with is the water – the main lodge is a good few minutes walk away. Is it worth putting a bucket of ice cubes and bottled water by the seats so that guests can help themselves during the ceremony if needed? Trying to find the cheapest option, but tap water isnt easy to move except by hose 😛

  4. We’re getting married in Orlando in September, which I’m sure Floridians won’t blink an eye at, but coming from the UK that’s a bid deal heat-wise for us! We’ve chosen a ceremony at a breezy, waterfront location at 5.00pm when the worst of the heat is going to have died down. The reception is also outside, during the evening. The venue has a water station set up as standard, which was great, and we’ve told guests to come dressed as they wish. I’m taking a fan in my bag and testing all my makeup at the gym beforehand (yep, I’m gonna be *that* guy!)

  5. We’re having an early morning wedding instead, partly for this reason! We’re in Australia and it can get over 40C (105F) here in December (when our wedding is), so we thought we’d have it at the coolest time of day and then head for a breakfast reception indoors since it starts heating up early. Nice light for photos too hopefully!

  6. I gotta be honest here: I think people who insist on getting married in the heat are just THE WORST. There is nothing like the entire wedding party being covered in sweat because the bride wanted a butterfly to bless her in the sunlight on her golden day. Heck no. Get me AC and artificial lighting. I will buy you a bigger present if you don’t give me swamp ass in my fancy dress.

  7. Ugh, I need tips on how I can stay cool!! My dress is so hot, chiffon, silk, non of those fabrics breath! I’m always warm anyway and chose an October wedding, in Maine but I know I will b hot!!!

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