Sarah & Williams hot-as-hell wedding
Our wedding is shaping up to be 4th of July weekend… and it's gonna be hot. I've kind of got my heart set on having at least part of our wedding day outside, but man, the heat.

I'm concerned about our elderly guests, and then those friends who may over indulge on drinks. I'd really rather not move everything inside. What do you think? –bluefoote

We already gave you some great ideas on how to keep warm on your wedding day, but what if it looks like your date is smack dab in the midst of a summer scorcher? I know it's hard for some of you to imagine being all hot and sweaty because it might only be April, but we know that some of you are already starting to plan your summer wedding. Here are a few ideas of things you can do to help you and your guests feel more comfortable on a hot wedding day.

Avoid the heat

Hot ceremony
  • Adjust the time. Push the ceremony back so it's as late in the evening as possible. Think about a sunset wedding or a nighttime wedding.
  • Keep it short. Have a short ceremony and then bring the reception inside.
  • Find a venue near water. Lakeside or beach wedding anyone? Or, hell, get married ON the water on a boat — the breeze from a moving ship should keep everyone cool.
  • Shade is your friend. Definitely try to set up your ceremony in a shady location.

Cope with the heat

  • Have a pool party wedding. Pool parties are the coolest parties. (See what I did there?) You can totally take the “first plunge” instead of a first dance.
  • Fans and parasols. Turn your wedding programs into fans, or have fans readily available as favors. Or set out a bucket full of cheap paper parasols.
  • Dress code. Dress in breathable fabrics and inform your guests to dress for the heat — shorts, flip flops, light cotton shirts, sun dresses etc.
  • Hydration station. Have water, iced tea, and/or lemonade readily available
Djinnaya & Jason's wedding of WINNING
  • Hose it down! Spray down any concrete, stone, or brick areas with a garden hose to cool it off.
  • Rent tents. If there's no natural shade to be found, you can rent large tents to provide an escape from the sun.
  • Misters. You can get yourself an outdoor mist cooling system, hook it up to your garden hose, and set these fabulous misters up anywhere.
  • Frosty treats. Treat your guests to cool treats like popsicles or these awesome DIY ice pops.

Your turn! What ways are you planning on beating the heat on your wedding day?

Comments on How to beat the heat on your wedding day

  1. These ice pops look amazing.. what is in them??
    (and are they really as big as they look?? ^^)

  2. We’re only having a short (like ten minute) ceremony outside, and then our reception will be under a tent. Our invitations specified that it’s outside AND casual, so they can either dress casually or bring a change of clothes. Since we’re probably going to have a water balloon fight at some point during the festivities, staying cool shouldn’t be a problem. (Also, it’s Maine. We don’t usually hit 100 degrees.)

  3. My dad and stepmom got married at their friends’ lakeside home. It was perfect, even if I do distinctly remember being very, very sweaty. The big family photo has my cousins in bathing suits dripping wet from jumping in the lake–makes me smile every time I see it!

  4. I really should have thought of this when we booked our date…middayish in July…so it’ll be hot! As hot as the UK can get but our reception is outside, so thanks for the ideas 🙂 We’ll be making sure we have bottles of sun screen dotted around and plenty of cool drinks and access to the house so people can cool down 🙂

  5. We got married in Washington, dc in August…it was 98% humidity and 100 degrees (no joke). We planned from the beginning for the heat.

    -the save the dates, invites and website all mentioned the heat and humidity and told people to dress lightly, loosely and casually.
    -we had a hydration station.
    -I wore a light weight dress and the men wore light grey suits with vest and no jacket. (we actually had a hard and fast “no suit jacket” rule for all our guests).
    -I made sure to do my hair in a way that wouldn’t be a disaster in the humidity.
    -we have away fans to all our guests instead of programs.
    -my sister, the MC, kept reminding people to drink water through out the reception.

  6. I AM HAVING A POOL PARTY WEDDING! Nobody is supposed to know we’re jumping in the pool as our “first kiss.” Imade the mistake of telling my mom, who conveniently forgot it was a secret, and told everybody. And now, we have to tell people we’re NOT, so they’ll be surprised when se DO… Sheeeesh!

    But we will have hand fans, mist-emitters, a swimming pool, and airconditioning indoors to keep the food edible, as well as provide a respite from the July 29th heat. And it was my venue that suggested it, but it bears repeating, make sure that you consider what will happen to the food in the heat as well, because ols people and flowers may wilt in the heat, but so do cakes and shrimp cocktails…

    • Sam B – LOVE your “secret” first kiss ideas. I planned a wedding last year on a farm + they did a first “bounce” in a blow up castle. I LOVE the unique + fun loving couples. I hope that you have a magical + memorable day 🙂

  7. July 28 in Austin, Texas. I’m having the guests seated for reception indoors during the ceremony. If it’s even close to as hot as it was last year, it’s just not feasible to have it outside, even in the shade with fans and ice pops. July is the off season in Austin so the venue was super cheap.

  8. I’m guilty of not reading all of the comments so I’m not sure if this was mentioned, but if you’re having a hot outdoor wedding, practice SAFE SUN! Skin cancer is super serious and I would think about having sunscreen in your “Oh Shit” Kit, and spare bottles available at the hydration station.

  9. We’re hoping that the weather will cooperate and be a nice “spring” temp in the 70’s. If it does happen to be warm, we have the ceremony set up in one of the cooler areas of the gardens which is surrounded by big shade trees which should help a bit. I’m also planning on having my hair up which always helps since I have ridiculously thick and currently longer-than-ever-before hair. Oh and my dress is sort of in the “superleggera” class of a-line dresses since it’s a floaty chiffon thing with minimal under structure. I’m actually a bit concerned that I’ll be a little chilly.

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