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Thanks for your interest sharing your wedding with Offbeat Bride! Although we can't feature every wedding submitted, we love reading every single one. If you want to know what we look for in submissions, read this post: tips on profile submission. Remember that we often edit profiles for length and clarity.

If we accept your submission, it can be several months before we publish your profile. Please be patient with us, and we promise to email before your wedding is published! If you want to know more about how we pick which weddings to feature,  click here.

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  • For example, Ariel would describe her wedding as a "Island hippie/raver forest freak-fest." We'll work this into the title of your profile.
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  • Now, the fun stuff!

    Here's where you get to tell us all about your wedding!
  • Was there a theme to your wedding? What was the general gist?
  • Feel free to highlight any interesting music, traditions, alternatives to traditions, ceremony rituals, decor, special moments, and readings.
  • Feel free to highlight the vibe, food, favors, decor, and any particularly sweet or funny moments.
  • What was your biggest wedding planning challenge, and how did you overcome it? What advice would you like to impart to Offbeat Bride readers? Anything else you want to share?
  • Please follow this general format for your vendor list (including Instagram totally helps!)
    Photographer: Jane Smith Photo @janesmith
    Dress: ABC Boutique @abc
    Venue: XYZ Vineyards @xyz

    Including Instagram is super helpful, too!
  • On Offbeat Bride, we tag posts with identity descriptors like "plus-size" and "lesbian wedding" to help readers navigate the site and find content that relates to them. That said, we ALWAYS let readers self-identify ... so now we'll ask: do you want to apply any of these identity tags to you, your partner, or your wedding?
  • If none of the tags above describe you, your partner, or wedding, enter your own tags!

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