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At this time, we are only accepting vendor submissions from vendors who are currently members of our curated vendor community. If you'd like to get into our Vendor Guide, you can submit your business for consideration here. If you're not a member of our community, then your clients can submit their wedding themselves, via this handy-dandy questionnaire.

If you're a member of our vendor community and you'd like to submit a wedding to us directly, please read this page carefully…

Vendor submission guidelines

  • Diversity is our highest editorial priority. Since most of our reader submissions are young white straight couples, and the wedding industry is generally challenged by reflecting diversity, we strongly favor vendor submissions featuring diversity in ethnicity, culture, LGBTQ, the gender spectrum, older couples, people with disabilities, diversity in body size, etc.). We recognize that prioritizing diversity can be a sensitive subject, and we need your help to make sure we're representing people from ALL walks of life on Offbeat Bride.
  • Minimal watermarking. We're obsessive with attribution. We credit and link photographers at the top and bottom of our posts.
  • 800+ pixels wide. No need for print resolution here! A web-friendly size is good.
  • Note: By submitting a post, you’re agreeing to our Terms of Use including our policies regarding copyright and user content. We do not feature work submitted to other wedding publications and request three months of exclusivity after it is published. You are free to showcase your work on your own blog and social media, however.
  • Although you may have rights to feature your work where you like, we do ask that the clients are aware of being featured once you're accepted.
  • If we are not able to feature your submission, we'll get back to you within two weeks so that you can submit it elsewhere.
  • Our publication queue is often a few months long, so it's not likely we'll be able to publish an accepted shoot earlier than that timeline, though exceptions are made.
  • Read some tips for getting your submission accepted to wedding blogs.

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