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So you're thinking of submitting a guestpost to Offbeat Bride… AWESOME! While we're not longer accepting Real Wedding submissions, we still love first-person posts about what it's like to plan a wedding.

We love posts about…

  • Wedding scripts! Share your ceremony wording, or just your vows.
  • Constructive, positive first-person perspectives about dealing with the challenges of wedding planning
  • Thoughts on feminism and weddings/marriage
  • DIY projects, which could be un-crafty stuff like like how you DIYed your wedding invitations, how you used web tools to DIY your wedding project management
  • Perspectives from folks who are part of marginalized communities who don't see themselves represented enough in mainstream wedding media — we love being the place on the internet where readers see themselves represented, and have large archives dedicated to our readers who identify as POCdisabledgenderqueer & nonbinaryLGBTQ, etc. We've featured posts from those sharing perspectives about weddings and asexuality, immigration, adoption, and more.


  • Posts should be under 1000 words
  • Make sure material is spell-checked and edited
  • While we love reading each one, we're not able to publish every guestpost that's submitted. We'll email you within two weeks if we're able to use your post!

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