How to best submit your Offbeat Bride wedding profile (and make us love you forever!)

Photo from Cali and Rick's wedding
Photo from Cali and Rick's wedding

So you'd like to see your name up in lights — er, more like up in pixels on the homepage of Offbeat Bride. We LOVE featuring all sorts of weddings: simple, classic with a twist, wild and energetic, geeky and intimate, gothic and glam. Don't worry about being too offbeat or not offbeat enough. But DO take a few helpful hints to make sure that you have the best chance of getting featured.

Your photos

This is often our first impression of your wedding: your photos! Let's make sure they're workable:

  • Whatever platform you're using to submit your photos (we take it all: Dropbox, Flickr, Google Drive, Imgur, whatever), make sure they are public to view and download, or provide us with the password/download code, if needed.
  • Make sure there are a lot of good photos of you and your partner. We'll need an amazing lead image. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Include a good amount of photos from the ceremony AND the reception if you had one/both. If you talk about it, we want to see it!
  • If you talk about details in your submission, include photos of those details if available. And if you have really awesome photos of a detail, make sure to talk about it.
  • We know that you love all your guests, but we, uh, don't really know them. So if you're choosing between pics of guests just being there and you, go with you. That said, if your guests are doing something cool or something you talk about (photobooth, dressed as Storm Troopers, etc), hell yes to those photos!

The basics of the profile itself

  • Please write in complete sentences and spell check. Pretty please with a cherry on top? Watch out for the most common error: you walk down an aisle, not an isle. OH: and write it in FIRST PERSON. We want to read it from your personal perspective.
  • Draft your submission before you submit it in a separate document just in case the internet decides to eat it.
  • Be concise, but feel free to include any funny, sweet, or meaningful details that you want included. We do have character limits, and do sometimes edit for brevity, so keep that in mind.

What NOT to say

  • Don't speak ill of family and friends. We've had years and years of experience in this department and the bottom line is this: if you say something bad about someone, somehow they will see it and they will get upset.
  • Don't put words in your guests mouth. Specifically, don't say they "love the wedding" or said it was "the best wedding ever." Language like this can come off as boastful, since we all know your wedding is not a contest, right?
  • Don't say that your wedding was offbeat, because "we did stuff our way." Because, well, duh. Tell us HOW you did stuff your way.
  • Don't worry about your last names. We don't use them, so there no point in adding them in.

Vendors are important! They pay the bills.

  • Always credit your photographer, even if they're just a friend. Attribution matters!
  • Include ALL of your vendors — photographer, food, cake, dress, coordinator, makeup, hair, jewelry, musician, belly dancer, cake topper maker, officiant, photo booth sign maker, etc. We can't tell you how many emails we get from vendors being sad about a couple leaving them out of a wedding's vendor list.
  • If all you have for a vendor is their Facebook/Twitter/Flickr/Yelp link, double check that they don't have a real URL they'd rather have us linking to.
  • List your vendors following this general format:
    • Vendor type: business name,
    • For example: Dress: Wai-Ching, (feel free to include their Instagram name, too, as we credit them there as well!)

Be patient

We can't stress this enough, don't give up on us! If we don't feature you immediately, it doesn't mean we won't!

We try for editorial diversity — by region (regions of the US, Canada, and Global), cultures, as well as different styles of weddings. Also, there are A LOT of weddings (200+ as of right now) to wade through and we just may not have looked at yours yet.

If you do decide to submit your wedding elsewhere, please let us know as we may not be able feature it — no worries! If, on the sad, off-chance, your marriage doesn't last and we haven't featured you yet, let us know so we can save all of us a lot of headache. (Yes, it's happened. Several times, in fact.)

Submit your wedding!

Any questions? Ask 'em in the comments!

  1. Awesome info! I'm waiting impatiently for my photos from the photographer and then I'll be doing up my wedding so I will keep in mind to keep the text down and get all the awesome photos and vendors! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Darn!! I submitted my wedding yesterday. This came out right after I did. WAA!!
    I think I hit all the points, however

  3. @Tiomela I was thinking the same thing, then I got all worried that I totally messed my chances of having my profile feature :s

  4. Just out of curiosity, why do different sites not want to feature weddings already featured on another site? I wanted to submit ours to So You're EnGAYed as well but since we had ours profiled on OBB, they won't feature it. I was kind of bummed that I was essentially forced to pick between the two since being offbeat and having queer wedding visibility are so, so important to me.

    • Misha, for us this is mostly an issue of not wanting to step on other bloggers' toes. If a blog has already run a wedding, we'd rather just link to their post than run the same wedding.

      In terms of the reasons for SYE's policy, you'd need to ask them. We're totally pals with those guys, so we're guessing they've got their own solid reasons. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • You know, I saw it misspelled SO many times in my life that I just figured that was how it was spelled in American English, and figured I would just keep spelling it my Australian English "aisle" way!!!

      • I actually had no clue it was spelled with an A until now. I figured it was spelled the same as any other isle.

  5. Can we just add one more thing… "Veil" not "Vail"! Unless you're skiing, of course. I can't tell you how many vails are for sale on Craigslist ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Curious, it does say to list all your vendors. However, 90% of our wedding is volunteer work from family and friends, so the only real vendors I can think of are the venue and food. Would that be okay? Or would I list the people that made the dress, cake, where I got the lanterns (in place of bouquets), etc?

    • You don't have to list all your volunteer help, just the vendors that have links other readers would benefit from. So those two are perfect!

  7. I am thinking about writing up our wedding but had a question about the whole sharing vendors and not speaking ill of others. One of our vendors was a total and utter nightmare to work with. It was a big part of our wedding and I want to briefly share what happened (especially because I think how we handled it was so indicative of our wedding mentality). However, I don't want to engage in public trash talk and certainly would not recommend others use this particular vendor. Any suggestions?

    • Great question! My best suggestion for couples submitting their wedding to us is to include that you had a major challenge with *a vendor* (don't name names) and then share how you dealt with the challenge. Then, conspicuously do NOT mention the vendor at the end of the post.

      Ultimately, what we're most interested in sharing is lessons you learned from dealing with vendor challenges. If you want to advise others not to use this particular vendor, I'd suggest doing that on a vendor review site like Wedding Wire. Ultimately, Offbeat Bride just isn't a review platform.

  8. Thinking about submitting our wedding, but sadly, there were a lot of little details our photographer missed, but we photographed ourselves. How can we include these in our photo set and still make sure all credit is given where credit is (or is not) due?

  9. The photographs that I've put in our flikr album aren't ones taken by our official wedding photographer – rather they're gathered from a variety of friends and family shots. Should I still list my official photographer under Wedding Photographer or just leave that blank and put them under the vendor links list?

  10. We are still waiting for our pro-shots to come back! Is it okay if I sumbit the photos we have now, and update my Flickr when the actual ones come thru?

  11. I submitted my profile last night but realized I omitted a lot out of the details from the "at a glance section" but I do have a LOT of info in my flickr descriptions. Can those be used if my profile is submitted? I guess that's what I get for doing it late at night!

  12. I'm about to submit our wedding! We've whittled our Flickr down to 107 and can't bare to get rid of anymore. Is that ok, or will it impact our submission?!

  13. I really don't like the idea of putting photos out on flickr for ANYONE to grab and use as they please. Is there any other way to have the photos available for offbeat bride to use?

  14. If I want to share my fiancee's proposal to me, should that be a guest submission or here under "wedding" submissions?

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