3 ways StickyGrams can use your Instagram feed to personalize your wedding

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Y'all, I've been waiting to tell you all about our sponsor StickyGram. Those of you who read Offbeat Home might remember when I introduced you to this service that turns your Instagrams into lovely little 2×2 magnets. For those who don't know about StickyGrams, here's the lowdown:

StickyGrams are super easy to create…

  1. Go to StickyGram.com and connect your Instagram account
  2. Pick your photos
  3. StickyGram mails you a sheet of awesome magnets
  4. Enjoy your magnets!

They're so adorable and easy to make that I know for a fact that everyone on Ariel's Christmas list is getting them as Christmas gifts. Beyond being great for holiday gift-giving, they're also perfect for your weddings! As promised on that Home post, here is the Offbeat Bride guide to using StickyGrams to customize the hell out of your wedding!

Wedding favors

When you create your StickyGram pack online, they deliver them to your door in sheets of nine for $14.99. That means you'd just be paying a little over a buck for some awesome custom wedding favors. Print up StickyGrams of you and your partner, or print photos of you with each guest and use them as place settings! Then your guests can take them home to decorate their magnetic surfaces at home or at work.

Save the Dates and invitations

Because StickyGrams are magnetic, they make for a great Save the Date option. Either include one in with your invitations or make your StickyGram BE your Save the Dates. Either way, they'll stick on your guests' fridges and serve as a constant reminder of the fun times ahead.

Thank You messages

Those of you looking to go the extra mile with your Thank You notes could totally include a StickyGram magnet in with the your cards. Either your favorite photo from the wedding, a photo of whomever you're thanking from the wedding, or maybe you did one of those special “thank you” photos we highlighted yesterday. StickyGrams are the perfect way to serve 'em up, hot and pretty, for your guests!

Oh and guess what, StickyGram offers free shipping worldwide. So ERR'BODY get your Instagram feed to fulfil all your wedding needs!

Speaking of needs… you guys need to see this awesome Kickstarter for Projecto that the same people behind Stickygram have started. Three words: mini Instagram projector! How cute is that!? Imaging these as gifts for your wedding attendants, or as centerpieces that project Instagrams at your wedding reception! We can't wait.

But wait, let's get back to StickyGrams: Go get your Christmas shopping AND your wedding stuff out of the way with one swoop: BLAMMO!

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Comments on 3 ways StickyGrams can use your Instagram feed to personalize your wedding

  1. This is one of those sponsored posts that is so personally exciting for me that I can’t even really control myself. GUESS WHAT EVERYONE I KNOW IS GETTING FOR CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR?!

    Christmas shopping: over. Blammo, indeed.

  2. TINY PROJECTOR!!! WHAT?! This is awesome, and I love custom magnets – actually I just love magnets.
    Thanks for the reminder about Instagram!

  3. I’ve been thinking about unique ways to use the Instagram images we love! This would be perfect if you were having a small ceremony and you could include personal moment favors with your guests.

  4. I’ve just received 2 sheets today and they are AMAZING!! I made a collage of sorts – one for his family and one for mine with our wedding photos. Super awesome giftmas pressie!!

    And the quality is great 😀

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