What's month-of coordination (& why this "wedding fairy coordinator goddess" makes it SO easy!)

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What's month-of coordination (& why this "wedding fairy coordinator goddess" makes it SO easy!)
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Stephanie Gatton Events is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!
We introduced you to one of our event planning besties, Stephanie Gatton Events, last year and you guys made it your business to book her. Offbeat couples figured her background in stage managing and top-notch organizational skills would take their wedding planning to epic levels, and THEY DID. Here's one example that brought us to our knees.

With another year of planning kick-ass weddings under her belt (making it 10+ years total!), Stephanie has only gotten better, as if that was even possible. Let's see what she's been up to in the New York area (and WAY beyond!). (Hint: it's got a lot to do with month-of coordination AND a discount for you!)

What's month-of coordination (& why this "wedding fairy coordinator goddess" makes it SO easy!)
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What is this month-of coordination you speak of?

This is a fairly new concept to a lot of couples who are used to either day-of coordination (or as Stephanie calls it, the "Oh, Shit!” Package — HA!) or full-service wedding planning.

Think of month-of coordination as your best value opportunity. In addition to handling the rehearsal and day-of, Stephanie (yep, Stephanie herself, not just a bunch of assistants) comes on board up to two months in advance in a consultation capacity — answering questions you have and pointing you in the right direction for the next steps in the planning process.

This is great for couples handling a lot themselves early on, but want some professional guidance and, of course, someone they can hand the whole thing over to when the day comes. Why would you or your family and friends want to work that day? It's party time. You get lots of control, but way more guidance than just a day-of coordinator can provide. Oh, and a lower price point than full-service coordination is a huge benefit.

You also get access to her preferred vendor/venue list, which you’re free to use when making your vendor selections. Many even offer a discount if affiliated with Stephanie! She's a preferred vendor at a bunch of killer venues like Frankie’s 457 in Carroll Gardens, the Sleepy Hollow Country Club, and The Green Building. Check out all of Stephanie's services here.

What's month-of coordination (& why this "wedding fairy coordinator goddess" makes it SO easy!)
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My venue has a "venue coordinator" so I'm set?

Actually, that's a really different concept. Here's how Stephanie explains it:

That’s great! But you know who that coordinator has to answer to? The venue, and not the couple. It’s like when you’re buying a home — the seller has a broker and the buyer has a broker, and you would never think of combining the two brokers into one service, because they each have very different goals in mind. Most venue coordinators are great at their jobs, and will be great for couples! But at the end of the day, they are beholden to their venue (their employer), whereas an independent wedding coordinator you hire (like me!) is beholden to no one but the couple getting hitched.

There’s an invisible line in the sand that venue coordinators won’t cross, but a good wedding coordinator will go above and beyond! I tell my couples: I’m here for you. I will be your advocate and take care of the most important parts of your day so that you can enjoy your day! And if you just so happen to be getting married in one location and holding your reception in another? Well, then, neither venue coordinator will be looking at the overall big picture of your day and how one thing flows to the next. You absolutely need a kick-ass logistical goddess such as me to execute everything flawlessly.

What's month-of coordination (& why this "wedding fairy coordinator goddess" makes it SO easy!)
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Let's hear from the people who swear by her

Stephanie has FANS. Like a lot of Offbeat Bride couples who have used her services and loved them. Here are just a few of the many…

“Cut out all of the middle men and just hire Stephanie first! You’ll be so happy that you did!” – Samantha + Anthony, 2017

“You were the best decision I made when planning this thing. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for everything, my wedding fairy coordinator goddess!” – Shiralee, 2017

“We are two perfectionist theatre designers, and Stephanie became our totally trusted ‘external brain,’ handling our obsessive detail-oriented needs with clarity and finesse, taking the burden of organization and scheduling off our hands. She even helped find an amazing makeup artist when ours disappeared! Her clear, warm communication and calm, positive attitude were invaluable in allowing us to actually relax and enjoy our wedding day, knowing that she had everything under control.” – Colin + Orli, 2016

"Stephanie handled all the behind-the-scenes details at the wedding we worked together, all with supreme confidence and good cheer. The vendors had to implement a backup plan to our backup plan for weather that involved changing locations, with guests, flowers, and other party essentials coming to an entirely different location at the very last minute. She was able to coordinate and communicate all of the changes, and NO ONE — not one guest! nor one vendor! — went to the wrong place. It was amazing. Her theater background serves her extremely well. No one coordinates a wedding like a stage manager!" – Angie Gaul, Milestone Images Photography

Yep, that was another vendor extolling the virtues of this magic-making wedding wizard. That's got to tell you something.

What's month-of coordination (& why this "wedding fairy coordinator goddess" makes it SO easy!)
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Yo, I heard about a discount?

Oh yes, there's a discount since Stephanie matches with our readers like whoa…

Offbeat Bride reader discount time!

I am honored to be a member of the Offbeat Bride vendor community, after having been an Offbeat Bride and Tribe member throughout my entire wedding planning process as well. I am pleased to extend a discount to ANY client who mentions they found me on Offbeat Bride! I’m offering a 15% discount on Month-of Coordination services, and a 20% discount on Partial Planning services. This offer is good for any 2018 wedding date (January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018), but must be booked no later than June 30, 2018.

What's month-of coordination (& why this "wedding fairy coordinator goddess" makes it SO easy!)
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I'm in another city, can I book Stephanie?

Stephanie is based in New York, but as she says, "have car will travel." She'll travel anywhere within the five boroughs OR anywhere within a 50-mile radius of Astoria at no extra cost. But if you're outside of that area, there's no extra cost other than travel expenses. She even has a BUNCH of cities where she has friends with whom to crash, saving you some cash in travel. Get in touch to see if you're near a crash pad and you get her.

What's month-of coordination (& why this "wedding fairy coordinator goddess" makes it SO easy!)

The thing is, Stephanie is popular with the Offbeat community with good reason: she's THAT good. So she has to be pretty selective about how many weddings she can book. If you're engaged and ready to see how much easier your life can be with a wedding planner, month-of planner, or day-of planner, get in touch with Stephanie now to reserve your date. Then tell us ALL about it since we can't stop getting bouncy over seeing her weddings come to life.

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