How you can get personalized, stellar wedding photography all while doing some good in the world

Updated Feb 15 2018
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How you can get stellar wedding photography all while doing some good in the world

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Sometimes you just feel at home with a vendor before you even meet them. Sometimes they just give you that vibe and you know you'll totally get along. And getting along is pretty important when it comes to being comfortable in front of a camera. That's why we are always down to talk shop with DIWAS Photography, the dynamic duo who has been one of our favorite skilled photography teams for so long now.

You can see how amazing they are at what they do just by looking at their photos, but also seeing their process, their commitment to making the world better, and how much they LOVE capturing love… well, it just gives you the warm fuzzies you really want from the folks capturing your wedding day.

Let's say hello to Sadie and Diwas, see how they can make your wedding day super chill and natural, and how you can help contribute back to the world by hiring them. Oh, and I think I mentioned a super special promotion somewhere in there, too?

How you can get stellar wedding photography all while doing some good in the world

What's the scoop on these two?

Diwas and Sadie run DIWAS Photography, which is a family-run photography business with roots from Nepal and Wisconsin, and now working out of Seattle, WA. Here's one thing about them that I especially love:

We endeavor to capture your essence and your story in a natural, unobtrusive, and effortless manner. We are honored to be able to have the opportunity to get to know our clients through extensive consults, and to be able to celebrate monumental moments including the launch of your wedded life. There will be so much beauty, so much emotion, and so many details on your special day… it is our absolute joy to encapsulate all of that love and energy for you.

One of our favorite parts of working with our wedding clients is to sit with you just TWO WEEKS after your big day to share some bites, some libations and take pause to share your unique love story through our lens. It’s our favorite part of the process!

A couple of things that separate them from the photography crowd:
A two-week turnaround for image previews is their standard. They want those photos in your hands (er eyeballs?) sooner than later, and they only take a limited amount of weddings per year to ensure that you aren't waiting around forever for those photos that you're jonesing for. But that also means you have to snag your date pretty quickly! They're popular.

DIWAS gives back! A percentage of their annual profits from weddings and photography shoots go back to the community to support projects regarding equity and education where their story began in Nepal. You're supporting a locally-owned small business that ALSO helps out with charitable causes. It's one vendor you can totally feel good about hiring.

I LOVE that they'll meet with you to look over the photos after the wedding. How awesome is that? Sadie and Diwas are totally offbeat-friendly, too. You can see in their portfolio that they cater to every style, every look, and every personality. They believe that love is love is love and that you can be totally yourself, especially on a day that's about your love.

How you can get stellar wedding photography all while doing some good in the world

Speaking of examples…

Oh yes, I've got a fair few weddings that I want to show you from their arsenal of experience…

  • Buzz + Rodney: these two dudes had the laid-back waterfront wedding of my dreams. You HAVE to see how they captured all of the emotion. The hugs, y'all! Oh, and the shots of the tattoos are BOMB.
  • Summit + Kristina: capturing super emotional and traditional moments, and then heading right into wild dancing and laughter? Now that's versatility.
  • Scott + Aaron: The first look the first look the first look!
  • Tessa + Brandon's engagement shoot: perfect pet portraits AND natural lovey-doveiness? Sign me up for both, pretty please! Seriously though, getting these kind of fun and casual vibes during an engagement session takes way more skill than you'd think.
  • Larry + Joe's engagement shoot: at-home engagement shoots are my absolutely faves. No, not just because of the kitty shots. DIWAS was able to capture super simple, day-in-the-life moments and make them into a real love story. Simple and sweet.

How you can get stellar wedding photography all while doing some good in the world

What are DIWAS clients saying?

A heckuva lot, actually…

"…the treatment we received from DIWAS far exceeded our exceptions. Beyond that, their attention to detail on our wedding day, the way they themselves seamlessly into our day and their keen creative eye was amazing. “ We couldn't be happier with our experience with DIWAS for our wedding day photos, but in the process, we also made 2 amazing friends!” – b + r

"Not only do they take great, beautiful, emotion-capturing photos, but they can "people manage" like nothing I've ever seen. These 2 are special and unique, incredible at what they do, and we are calling them our photographers for life!” – d + r

"After the wedding, emotions had all started to calm down and subside, yet the images brought everything back around. I didn’t think I would cry (again) but I got broken down so far to the point I was almost sobbing with how beautiful everything turned out. We got to see so much of the details we were too busy to catch.“ – m + l

How you can get stellar wedding photography all while doing some good in the world

YO: where's that promotion you mentioned?

Offbeat reader discount:

If you book with DIWAS and let them know that you’re a reader of Offbeat Bride, they’ll take note and gift you a gorgeous 5×7 acrylic block. They recognize that this sounds like jargon and means NOTHING without seeing it, but trust: a free-standing metallic print mounted on museum grade acrylic, offering a crisp, almost three-dimensional portrayal of YOU in all your glory… its beautiful, it’s popular, and we’ll show it to you during our initial consult. (A $500 retail value)

So, we know you've got a lot of choices out there for wedding photography. There's no reason to settle for someone who won't get you and who won't make you feel at ease like DIWAS can. Go say hello, make friends, snag that killer deal on the acrylic block display, and then tell us all about how awesome they are. I mean, I already know, but I never stop loving hearing about it!

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