9 pairs of Victorian-flavored boots for your pointy-toed or steampunk wedding

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These puppies are only $43!
These puppies are only $43!

We recently shared a post on Facebook that featured a photo with the boots above as the illustration. Immediately a reader was like “Whatever about that post — WHAT ABOUT THOSE BOOTS.” So perhaps it's time to share a small collection of Victorian boots. These could be great Neo-Victorian or steampunk wedding shoes, or maybe you just like booties with lace and pointy toes? Regardless, if granny boots are your thing… this is your post. We even have a pair of Cthulhu boots!

tall steampunk white wedding boot

brown victorian wedding boot

victorian booties

gold victorian boot steampunk wedding shoe

Cthulhu Knee-High Boot

victorian boot with buttons

brown steampunk boots

white lace up victorian bootie wedding shoe

Random bonus shoe

unique wedding shoes

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Comments on 9 pairs of Victorian-flavored boots for your pointy-toed or steampunk wedding

  1. I am in LOVE with all of these boots!!! I love boots but have an odd shoe size … I am a 10 w or 11, most places do not sell shoes or boots in those sizes. But do find one or two pairs in the blue moon and do wear shoes til they fall apart. If I ever get married again I will wear a great looking boots that is for sure!! 🙂

    • I feel like I over do it with Fluevog sometimes, I’m such a fan girl… but ok fine, here you go. 😉

  2. I’m having a steampunk wedding next year. These look awesome… but I can’t wear any if them. 🙁 I have a wonky ligament in both feet which means those heels would destroy my most-of-me (since I’d fall over with every step) and my width is like EEEE or something ridiculous.

    Oh for a flat version of them all. ?

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