Steampunk dream clothing & accessories from Clockwork Couture

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As soon as she saw Clockwork Couture, Ariel summed this sponsor with one word: “SWOON!”

I mean, just check out Donna Ricci, the proprietress of Clockwork Couture, and her husband in their amazing wedding outfits (pictured left) to get an idea of the kind of Steampunk-dream clothing we're talking about.

If that whole wedding photo (at the freaking Magic Castle, no less!) is not truly swoon-worthy, I don't know what is.

Just in case you need more than one word to get a feel for Clockwork Couture‘s amazing collection of corsets, dresses, men's wear, boots and even jewelry and accessories, keep reading.

Oh, and make sure you're seated while you do so — you know — because of all the swooning potential.

Clockwork Couture is made up of a group of fashionistas, crafters, tinkerers, explorers, buyers and imaginators, who are all about bringing back styles from the Neo-Victorian era (like that gorgeous two-piece traveling dress pictured above) and infusing them with their own well-traveled influences, and cruelty-free and charity-driven mindsets, to bring you these amazing Steampunk styles.

Speaking of style, Clockwork Couture has even put together their very own Steampunk bridal ensemble, that includes a custom made corset (hand crafted by their own corsettiere,) a swag front skirt with train, mini top hat, swiss dot lace gloves, white Victorian boots. They even include that delicately framed cameo necklace as their wedding gift to you. (Good thing I told you to sit down, right?) Can we also talk about how this Step in Time Tea Dress would also make a show-stopping wedding dress? K thanks.

Thankfully, you will not be the ONLY insanely fashionable one at your Steampunk wedding, Clockwork Couture also makes impecable men's wear. Your man could rock that whole outfit, from coat (with tails!) to trousers and hopefully he'd never take it off, because dayum!

And I'm telling you, the jewelry and accessories are out of control. Are you looking for the perfect hat to top off your wedding look? What about those awesome goggle-thingies that I can't get enough of? We're talking belts, ties, hats, ascots, cufflinks and time pieces. Neo-Victorian jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, earrings, cameos, pins, and rings for the ladies.

If you're in the market for ANYTHING awesome and/or Steampunk, I guarantee you'll find it over here. (And we can't wait to see this stuff popping up in bride profiles soon!)

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Comments on Steampunk dream clothing & accessories from Clockwork Couture

  1. OMGuh so affordable and lurvely.

    I seriously should not check out sites like this before my workday is finished. I am so not going to be productive now for all the drooling.

  2. I am such a huge dork for recognizing the guy with the blonde streak in his hair in the brown suit but that is from the show on Oxygen “sToribook weddings,” lol! Did this company style him for the show I wonder?

  3. I own several items from Clockwork Couture, including shoes, and have never had problems with their quality. I think some of their stuff is wholesale while some of it is produced in-house, however, so it really depends on who originally makes it as to what you’re going to get. I’ve always had wonderful service with them and love the variety of things they have to offer. I’m currently eying one of their bag/belt combos and will probably talk myself into it before the end of the month.

  4. I thoroughly love Clockwork Couture, but be warned: get your stuff as soon as you see it! Because it’s mostly not mass-produced, or at least not in large quantities, they can run out pretty quickly, and they almost never repeat an item. Oh, and read the comments about sizing before ordering, since it varies a lot. But they are wonderful.

  5. Stopped by their shop in LA today after seeing this article (the boy was looking for steampunk outfittery). Their store and selection are amazing. They are the nicest folk. And they have an in-store kitty and rabbit rescue!

  6. Such a relief! I was getting a little overwhelmed making costume pieces for my hubby, myself, and our wedding party for our pirate wedding extravaganza (we finally get to celebrate with family) and lo! I found a few things here that cut out a ton of work for me. THANK YOU!

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