Check out what showed up in our OBB Flickr pool… some amazing steampunk “groom gear” action from Michele and Matt's steampunk wedding! Now, granted I am not an expert on steampunk but I think Matt here can give us all a good lesson…

Some impressive sideburns and an ascot


Awesome gloves with leather and lots of buckles.


Pin striped pants and leather spats.


A top hat and goggles.



Wanna see more amazing steampunk wedding porn? I know ya do, so here ya go:

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  1. I am now obsessed with steampunk… and it's all OBBs fault! Whats not to love about final fantasy style- meets neo-Victorian?

  2. Oh my god, this is so useful. My partner and I are getting married on a zeppelin in April, so of course it needs to be steampunk! These pictures are perfect!

    • Hi Elisabeth- they're actually shoes and spats. The shoes are groom's own Sketchers and the spats are from an army surplus shop here in San Francisco.

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