Steampunk fashions and Victorian-inspired leather magic from Mano Bello

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Hello, and welcome to steampunk accessory heaven, aka our newest sponsor Mano Bello. We're talking Victorian-inspired handmade, leather bustles, waist cinches, corset belts, leather cuffs, bootstraps, flowers and accessories. Even if you're going for more contemporary or traditional look for your wedding, toss in one of these accessories to give your wedding just a dash of Victorian flavor.

Ariel and I could barely keep it together while we were checking out Mano Bello's Etsy shop, and I certainly couldn't wait to show off some of my favorite creations. Join me, if will you…

This is the enchanted dirty white leather tie belt with leather flower array. Look how amazing it looks with this wedding ensemble. I swoon! Even more swoonage when I saw the wide array of both floral belt styles and funky leather belt looks. This one is freaking hot.

Mano Bello's bootstraps are, in my humble opinion, THEE must-have accessory. Check out all the different ways you can wear the enchanted tea party leather bootstraps (pictured above). It's phenomenal. Mano Bello also makes gorgeous shoe clips in flowers and adorable leather bows.

I am head over heals for this distressed leather flower obi belt. Seriously, this plus a white wedding gown would make me squeal.

These Victorian-inspired wrist ruffles are just BEYOND. Someone PLEASE wear these at your wedding. Please. For me? If you're into wrist cuffs, Mano Bello has several takes on the theme.

And now, for my FAVORITE of favorite things — Mano Bello‘s leather bustles, like this tie-on waist bustle in gorgeous scarlet red. OMG the fabulous leather bustles… I want them all!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg that is the amazing collection of Victorian-inspired magic that is Mano Bello. Offbeat brides, do us all a favor and go to Etsy right freaking now and add some Mano Bello to your wedding outfit.

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