Starkers! Corsetry's Offbeat Bride-inspired gowns

Updated Oct 12 2015

There's a first for everything, and this marks the first time in five years that I've ever posted photos from a wedding gown fashion show. Runway shots just aren't really my thing — I usually prefer seeing real people in real dresses, rather than gawking at designer stuff somebody might wear.

Leave it to Dianna DiNoble from Starkers! CorsetryThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them to make me change my mind. This show, part of Fashion Art Toronto's Fashion Week pretty much blew me away. While Offbeat Bride isn't affiliated with any of these gowns in any way, Dianna told me that the line was very much inspired by the tastes of Offbeat Brides.

And oh my, what taste it is…

They ♥ OBB; we ♥ themThis post features Offbeat Vendors! Check out their vendor listing to see how they cater to Offbeat Brides:

  1. It's a bit random but (as well as the dresses) I love the single rose held downward. It's like "yeah I'm carrying a flower, but…meh, look at my awesome dress instead!"

  2. Ooh, the short white one with black trim is perfect for a registry office ceremony – a bit of a fancy suit, but wonderfully edgy.

  3. is it bad my first thought was, "ohh, i want to wear that last one to a funeral! i wonder when, hm…" haha and i want #2 in my closet NOW!

  4. I was there in person (and know dianna as well) and the pics don't do the corsets justice! She's amazing! *beams pride*

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