25 Star Wars weddings that were more powerful than you could possibly imagine

Updated May 21 2019
couple pose
Photo from Nadia & Dale's wookiee boogie Star Wars wedding by Wedding Dream Services

Thanks in no small part to our managing editor of awesomeness, Megan, we at Offbeat Bride have a long and glorious history of loving Star Wars weddings. We've seen (and crashed) many a wedding that would do Han and Leia proud. In homage of this time known as Star Wars Week (what, you don't wear a Chewie T-shirt to celebrate May the 4th be with you?), we've got 25 of our most favorite moments in Star Wars weddings…

1. The guests get into it like none other

Photo from Star Wars wedding by Justin Winokur

2. The invitations are just the coolest

Invitation from Star Wars: A New Invitation by Ginny McQueen

3. Literally the coolest cake ever. Because carbonite

Han Solo carbonite cake
Cake by Cut The Cake. Photo from Han Solo frozen in (carbon)icing! by Fat Catz Photography

4. This Millenium Falcon cake was made out of Rice Krispies — It's the most delicious hunk of junk in the galaxy

Photo from Jax & Andy's geeky glam Gwen Stefani-loving wedding by Jenny Kim Photography

5. Star Wars LEGO cufflinks keep the force with you all day long

Star Wars LEGO cufflinks
Photo from Pink-haired bride with a Lego veil by Kilker Photography

6. A light saber arch is the only way for a Star Wars couple to make an exit

coolest exit ever-013.jpg
Photo from Bloomers, lightsaber mishaps, and one cheeky horse by Whitney Lee Photography

7. The ceremonies couldn't be more epic if they were being held within the ruins of the Great Temple

Photo from Nadia & Dale's wookiee boogie Star Wars wedding by Wedding Dream Services

8. Take your table decor to hyperspeed with little Hoth terrariums

Photo from Geeky terrarium centerpieces FTW! by Whitney Lee Photography

9. A bride and her light saber shall never be parted

My Wedding Lightsaber
Photo from Andrell & Aaron's Padme and Anakin Star Wars wedding by Mentha Designs

10. Yoda is tops at inspiring courage for scary wedding stuffs

Photo from Help you down the aisle I must: The day Yoda empowered a flower girl with autism by Kristy Angrove

11. A Millenium Falcon cake made with a lot of special modifications… like lights!

Dawson/DeVries 6/11/11
Photo from Dorian & Lynn's geeky elegant dino museum wedding by Matt Miller, Our Labor of Love

12. Just some Storm Trooper groomsmen channeling some Reservoir Dogs. No big

Resevoir Dogs
Photo from Deyanna & Dustin's Stormtrooper zombie homebrew wedding by Rachel Krieshauser

13. Make sure the Wookie feels welcome

Our Favorite Wookiee
Photo from Add some photo op fun with a life-size cut-out from Carly

14. Light saber bouquet: the height of badassery

my lightsaber bouquet
Photo from Goofy grooms, a fishtail mohawk, and the hairiest flower girl from Steph & Perry Kennedy

15. Nothing like a dad who makes his daughter Han and Leia cake toppers for her wedding

Cake toppers
Photo from Katie & Kellan's Firefly and sci-fi geek chic wedding by Cheryl Bolton-Reuter

16. Does this precious little wedding guest fit in or DOES SHE FIT IN?

Photo from A bookish Chinese-influenced wedding with a little Star Wars by Porter Watkins Photography

17. Yes. Yes, they are

Photo from These ARE the cupcakes you're looking for by William Mahone Photography

18. This wedding had a Hoth terrarium too, but are you seeing this Dagobah one tho?

M&K's Star Wars Wedding
Photo from Karrie Lynn & Matt's Star Wars meets the outdoors wedding by TrueLee Photography

19. Tiny little Obi-Wan boutonniere!

Photo from Sam & Eric's pinwheels robots and Star Wars wedding by Evoke Photography

20. This Boba Fett is about to meet a fate worse than the Sarlacc pit

Photo from Boba Fett cake, first looks, surprise proposals, and a $25 wedding dress by Whitney Lee Photography

21. When only you and your lover can read your rings engraved in Aurebesh

Photo from Two 501st Legion nerds host a British fête fit for a Sith Lord by Tino and Pip

22. Endor in spring looks delicious

Photos by Armitage Photography
Photo from How could you ever eat this "Endor in Spring" wedding cake? by Armitage Photography

23. The best end to a Star Wars wedding: shirtless groom and a light saber

Photo from Melissa & Joe's Star Wars masquerade ball from mofiggy

24. Awww! An embroidered silk bedspread from mum!

Special Embroidered Silk Bedspread
Photo from Gemma & Steve's intergalactic English country Star Wars wedding by Catherine Pound Photography

25. A bride's only hope… is this super-detailed Star Wars wedding!

Photo from Crash this geeky, Star Wars-themed, nerdstravaganza wedding at the Jim Henson Studios by Juicebox Media

Who's thinking of having a Star Wars-themed wedding? Are you going all out and having your officiant dress up as Vader? Doing a tiny nod with some subtle "I Love You"/"I Know" engraved rings? Just want to show us your epic Star Wars cosplay photos? GET AT US IN THE COMMENTS.

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