Star Wars wedding (Justin Winokur will photograph the bejeezus out of your theme wedding!)

Updated Oct 12 2015
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So, you're having a theme wedding. And you're looking for a wedding photographer who won't scoff, "Wait, you're getting married on a pirate ship?" A wedding photographer who won't ask incredulously, "So, you're dressing up … like astronauts?"

If you want a photographer who screams, "FUCK YEAH, I LOVE YOUR WONDERFULLY WEIRD THEME WEDDING!" then you want Justin Winokur. This LA-based photographer will totally p0wn your theme wedding, and if you don't believe me, just check out some of his photos from a Star Wars wedding…






If you want to see all 1200 pictures from the Star Wars wedding, head over to Justin's flickrstream.



And sure, Justin does more traditional weddings, too. So, when you need a wedding photographer who can not just "deal" with your theme wedding, but who's eagerly plotting how he's going to photograph your groom's swashbuckling entrance, or what angle he's going to shoot your gossamer faerie wings, get in touch with Justin! He's even got special packages for offbeat couples.

  1. "but who’s eagerly plotting how he’s going to photograph your groom’s swashbuckling entrance"

    Ha, this is how I feel about the wedding I'm going to photograph in september. I cannot wait.

    These are truly awesome photos and wedding themes!

  2. That kid is adorable! I can't help but to wonder what made the groom choose to be Admiral Akbar out of from the other characters on Star Wars.

  3. this wedding ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and here i was worried that my guests would balk at being asked to wear white, ivory, off-white or light champagne and flat shoes for the ladies.) Now I can say…"look. you'll wear white and like it! glitter, fur, wings and sparkles are totally optional and will be available for your use. Thank you for coming."

  4. This post was linked by Seattle's The Slog, and some of the comments are cracking me up:

    slave leia bridesmaid dresses ftw. i never get invited to weddings that fun. or lives that fun for that matter.

    Um, I know I'm only revealing what a huge fucking nerd I am with the comment, but Admiral Ackbar and Mon Mothma are only minor characters in the movies. In the Star Wars Expanded Universe, they're both very, very important.

    I'll go hide now.

    …HA! Granted, there are a fair number of "WHAT NERDS!" comments too, but that's to be expected. 🙂

  5. I kind of love how they turned around the whole "de-veiling" thing on its head.

    And man, that cake is insane. I am so making Ewok cupcakes sometime.

  6. Ok, indeed, this is awesome but Admiral Ackbar? Sure he's an important character in the expanded universe of Star Wars books and comics but I can't see wanting to get married in a hot and sweaty latex mask. To each his own I suppose….

    The Ewok cupcakes are beyond question the best wedding dessert theme item I've ever had the audacity to imagine. Kudos to the couple for having the guts to fllow their dream to the fullest.

    Nice pics Justin!

    Speaking of Star Wars, have you seen the dead taun-taun bachelor party cake up on Boing-Boing? Worth checking out.

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