Star Wars: A New Invitation

Updated Mar 15 2021

I'm literally tingling with joy after seeing well-known cosplayer and OBT member Ginny McQueen's Star Wars themed invites.


If their invitation looks familiar it's because it's based on this iconic Star Wars poster for A New Hope…

The art was done by San Smith, and the layout was all Ginny. Also to add to the overall amazingness — they are high-quality 11" x 17" posters!

To get more info on these bad-boys and the story behind them head over to Ginny's blog.

  1. That is super awesome.

    On a side note, I only just realized how awkward the abbreviation for "save the date" is…hmm…

  2. That is so cool. My fiance LOVES Star Wars ( I like it too, but I am not quite as enthusiastic about it as he is), so I've been trying to come up with a way to incorporate something Star Wars related into the wedding. I just might use this idea. Thanks for posting this!

    • I used the Star Wars song The Throne Room from Star Wars IV: A New Hope. We also named a few tables after starships in the movies.

      • Awesome! While I designed very traditional invites, my husband and I used the Throne Room song when we were presented as Mr. & Mrs. It was always my dream and hubby didn't mind. The only thing missing was Chewbacca.

  3. Yay, Ginny (my husband's Best Woman)! We got ours in the mail a few days ago and couldn't believe the awesomeness.

    Their STDs were also Doctor Who-themed (pretty sure it's also in the OBB Flickr group). They're multi-fandom! =)

  4. I love Star Wars – this is fantastic and I am very, very pleased though that Ginny is pictured in a wedding dress rather than Princess Leia's Jabba The Hut slave outfit! 😛

  5. OMGOMGOMG Epic! I am drooling over this! My wedding was less than four weeks ago, but maybe my sister will be geeky enough to do this. Or maybe for vow renewals in 5 or 10 years. Love this and congratulations! p.s. I agree with Gayle, it's completely awesome how the wedding dress is more Princess Leia than Slave Leia. Sexy and classic at the same time!

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