How do you acknowledge other special occasions that fall around your wedding day?

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I had a question inspired by Jessica and Josiah's space-themed breakfast-for-dinner wedding. Jessica's niece's sixth birthday was the day after their wedding, so she got a special doughnut and a happy birthday song at the wedding.

My wedding is on my mom's birthday. I struggled with how to acknowledge her birthday and make her feel special (as she should!) on a day that was supposed to be “all about the couple.”

Chances are good that a lot of readers have people celebrating special occasions right around their wedding day. How are other Offbeat Brides handling things like anniversaries, birthdays, etc.? -Cassie

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  1. We had a similar situation. Our wedding was on my best friend’s birthday, but within the week before or after, it was also: my mother in law’s birthday, my sister’s birthday, a groomsman’s birthday, both of my brother in law’s birthdays. I think there were like 8 or 9 important birthdays in total.

    We had cupcakes instead of cake at the wedding. So I recruited some people – mostly bridal party – to be responsible for coming and retrieving a cupcake, getting a candle and lighting it, and we all sang happy birthday, right after we cut the cake. It worked out really well. I had also picked up presents for those people and handed them out at the rehearsal dinner, so they knew we hadn’t forgotten their special days.

  2. Both my brother and my newly made brother-in-laws birthday was on our wedding day. So we had big cupcakes made just for them and we sang Happy Birthday. They loved being “called out” and getting a few moments in the spotlight.

  3. I worked at a wedding once where it was also an uncle’s (or grandpa’s?) birthday. In addition to their wedding cake, they got him a small round cake that he could keep. Before the toast/cake cutting we brought the cake out to him and everyone sang happy birthday.

  4. We have 2 anniversaries on our wedding day — one of them being my fiance’s grandparents. We’re going to have the DJ make an annoucement about both and before the last dance we’re giving my bouquet to his grandmother.

    • Our situation is pretty similar. I have an aunt and uncle who’s anniversary is on our wedding day, my fiance’s grandparent’s 69th anniversary is the day before and his parent’s anniversary are the day after. We actually partly chose the date because of his family’s anniversaries and we thought it was kind of cool. We’re doing the dance with the “competition” for couple who’s been married the longest and I think we’ll just the DJ acknowledge them during that.

      I also have an aunt whose birthday is on our wedding day. Maybe we’ll get a candle for her cupcake? Not sure.

  5. Our wedding will be on FH’s aunt’s (who we’re very close to) 50th birthday. We plan to make a toast to her and get her a special cupcake or mini cake with a candle. We may also include a few friends who have bdays that week (4, I think), plus our friends whose 1 year anniversary is the next day, in the toast.

  6. We found out well after we’d booked our date that it falls on my cousin’s birthday. He lives out of state, and I could probably count on two hands the number of times I’ve seen him. I know my dad’s family is a little miffed that we didn’t plan around his birthday. I’m not sure having the whole reception sing to him is the way to go, but having a birthday cupcake might be a good idea.

    • At a friend’s wedding I was seated at a table with the bride’s former roommates (all friends of mine/my fiance’s), one of whom had a birthday that day. Since not everyone in the room knew the woman whose birthday it was, but she is a close friend of the bride’s, the bride brought over a mini cake and our table/group of friends sang happy birthday after dinner. It was a really nice moment that didn’t require the groom’s extended family to sing for a person they don’t know.

  7. My wedding will be on my aunt and uncle’s anniversary, and the following day is my sister’s birthday. I don’t know if I’ll do anything for my aunt and uncle because, to be frank, I never have done anything for their anniversary before! If anything, I may bake them a cupcake or put a card at their place settings wishing them a happy anniversary.

    For my sister, though, I definitely plan on grabbing the microphone from the DJ and making everyone in the reception sing “Happy Birthday” to her. I may also bake her a cupcake or at least give her a card as well. 🙂

  8. Our wedding will be the day after my parents’ anniversary, and a week or so before his parents’ anniversary. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for honoring the parents in particular? We’re thinking at least some sort of special toast at the wedding might be nice, but wondering if there are better ideas!

    • My in-law’s 40th anniversary happened to be the week we got married. So at the rehearsal dinner we surprised them with a special cake and my husband made a sweet speech congratulating them on their anniversary:

  9. Well I feel like a terrible fiancée! My fh and I are getting married on his birthday, 4/19. I thought we would just go out the weekend before and celebrate. It didn’t occur to me to acknowledge it in the reception. I think singing to him would be a great idea. It’s one of the few days the entire family will ever be together.

    • Our wedding is also on my fiancé s birthday, his 40th! Some people think its great, others think it’s dumb. He thinks he will get away with everyone forgetting he’s turning 40, there is no way that will be happening haha

  10. My cousin got married on my 16th birthday and they announced it and had the band play “Happy Birthday” while him and I danced.

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