It was really only a matter of time before my taste in loud wedding shoes led us here, ladies … and now here we are, stomping down the glittering, campy road of sparkly-ass wedding shoes.
Really, your wedding day can feel like doing a form of drag — the fancy dress, the up-do, everyone staring at you. So why not take it a half-step over the top? Even if you're wearing a more conservative white dress, a twinkle under your hem can add a wink of camp to even a formal church wedding.
Sequins! Rhinestones! Glitter! Because if it's too loud … you're too old.
That in mind, I give to you my favorite glittering wedding shoes…

Y's by Yohji Yamamoto - YX-E08-932 (Silver) - Footwear

Romantic Soles - Sophie (Soft Gold/Sparkle) - Footwear
Costume National - 6S5A2980739 (Silver) - Footwear
Not Rated - Over The Top (Multi) - Footwear
Chinese Laundry - Kristin Cavallari - Liberta (Silver) - Footwear
Kate Spade New York - Charm Heel (Multi Sparkle Glitter) - Footwear
Kate Spade New York - Leader (Ivory Satin/Gold Glitter Heel) - Footwear
Kate Spade New York - Piper (Pink Satin) - Footwear
Betsey Johnson - Gown (Silver Metallic) - Footwear
Joan & David - Quella (Silver Multi) - Footwear
DKNY - Delight (Platinum Glam Glitter) - Footwear
Steve Madden - Realov-R (Silver Multi) - Footwear
Steven - Tippsy (Silver Glitter) - Footwear
Sperry Top-Sider - CVO Laceless (Silver Glitter) - Footwear
Betsey Johnson - Dance (Ivory Fabric/Glitter) - Footwear
Sperry Top-Sider - Delancey (Tan/Gold Glitter) - Footwear
Caparros - Daniella (Gold Glitter) - Footwear
rsvp - Brittan (Light Pink) - Footwear
G by GUESS - Opall (Pewter) - Footwear
Gabriella Rocha - Nele (Multi Glitter) - Footwear
Nina - Blanche (Painted Rose) - Footwear
Fenoix - Gold Glitter
Glamour - Gold Glitter
Nicolet - Multi Heavy Glitter
Wonderland Wedge - Light Blue
Ureekal - Red Texture
Angel - Black

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Comments on Sparkly wedding shoes

  1. I desperately, desperately wanted sparkly blue flats like the ones in this post, but was completely unable to find a single pair in size 10.5 or 11. 🙁 So I settled for more mute blue shoes (velvet and satin), that now I wear at work sometimes.

  2. Oooh! Word to the wise, though, I own the lacy version of the Pleaser Teeze shoes, and they are 5 and 3/4" with the platform. They are pretty comfortable, but I would not want to have them on for the WHOLE shabang. They are so great, otherwise, though!

  3. Yep, no images here too. I tested it on Firefox (which works fine) but no images display on Safari.

      • Yes, that worked. Didn't think it would block images like this. It's not that great of a an ad-blocker. A lot of ads still get through.

  4. Mmm.. this is the only way I like my camp – no cabins and mosquitos for me, just sequins and glitter please!

  5. I want to be too old. In fact, if I am old and it is too loud, I'd take it as a sign that I'm still alive and kicking. Give it up for old people!!!

  6. Loving the sparkly shoes! I'm planning to do silver sequined pumps for our wedding – unless I can find the perfect hot pink ones.

  7. Hmm… I’m not getting married until next year, but I might have to indulge myself a little sooner!

  8. Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. I'm having a hell of a time finding shoes to go with my relaxed-ish blue dress that don't clash, but are still "me". Sequins might be the answer.

  9. {squeeee} I was going to shamelessly plug the company I work for (Report Footwear) but I see you have already listed the Signature King! 😀 These shoes are STUNNING in person!!!

  10. As one of the world's few female drag queens, I love this post!!!


  11. The first wedding related item I bought after getting engaged were my shoes. Glittery sequined disco ball ballet flats. What else could a girl want?

  12. I am looking for gold glitter cowboy boots to wear with my dress…anyone know where I can get them? These shoes are all amazing as well and if I can't find cowboy boots will get a pair of these for sure.

  13. im honestly rethinknig my whole theme and color scheme due to those gold opentoed slingbacks…is that wrong?

  14. I have found some fantastic shoes for my wedding… can't wait to show you all on the OBB Flickr pool in February!

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