While searching the OBB Flickr Pool I stumbled upon these Space Invader invitations that had been uploaded a while ago. Check out the amazingness:

The back is really my favorite part…

I don't have much info for you other than this is for Luke and Ella's wedding and it is made of win.

Comments on BEWARE the Space Invaders wedding invitation

  1. This is PERFECT! I’m working on Space Invader invites for our wedding and I had no ideas about what to write in the silly things. Thank you for posting this!

  2. This is brilliant!

    Don’t think we’d do something exactly like that but I love the way the invite is written out as instructions on how to play. 😀
    Definately something to think about and steal elements of.

    (Damnit, why is it whenever I write ‘elements’ I want to write ‘elephants’?)

  3. That is just fantastic. Really. If I were to receive that in the mail, I would probably do a dance. Then I would dance as I showed it to my husband. No matter who it is… guess what babe… we’re going.

  4. Yeaaah, (I’m the original Ella :D)
    We both work for games companies…
    Unfortunately the wedding was cancelled, but I loved making these invites, and got such huuuge smiles 😀

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