Jillian and Michael were married at the Emmett Robinson Theater at College of Charleston, their alma mater. Their officiant was their former theater professor, Joy Vandervort-Cobb. They had a movie-themed reception with television screens looping their engagement photos and movie popcorn and movie quotes decor. There was even a life-sized Ron Weasley from Harry Potter on the dance floor! Sally Watts Photo captured the day and shared it with us. Check out this theatrical wedding full of awesome details.

The first look!

The flower girl threw ticket stubs from a popcorn container.

The ribbon handfasting

Jillian and Michael used their engagement shots to make movie posters! They got engaged right after seeing Away We Go.

Popcorn cupcakes!

I spy a groomsgirl.

A very quotable movie.

Now this is some spread for the chocolate fountain.

Ron hits the floor and is a hit, natch.

Sally Watts has two blog posts about this wedding, so you know there is lots to see. Here is part one and part two.

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Comments on A theater-infused movie wedding at an alma mater

  1. EVERYTHING about this is beautifully awesome. Congrats to you- looks like sooo much fun!!

  2. I love the theme and the bride’s smile. But what popped out -because my fiance is currently lookin for his clothes (and wow do shops railroad men into a sea of black) I must say:

    HUGE KUDOS to the groom for NOT WEARING A TUX!! He surely has a great eye for color because that is a fantastic suit + shirt + vest + tie combo. It looks wonderful on him. Classy and exuberant.

  3. These pics are awesome and it’s super cool to see someone you went to elementary school with get married 🙂 go Micheal!! Beautiful bride, adorable well put together theme. Loved it.

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