Mini flags, mustaches, and pinwheels: we're celebrating "Something on a stick day"

Updated Oct 12 2015
Joyce, her crew, and their pinwheels on sticks. Photo by HarmonEyes Photography

The entire Offbeat Empire is saluting Something on a Stick Day today, so we're celebrating all things… on sticks. For Offbeat Bride, that means mini flags, mustaches, ribbon wands, pie markers, and lollipops. You'll also want to check over at Offbeat Home & Life and Offbeat Families to see what they have going on. Let's stick the landing, stick it to the man, and stick together as we overuse puns and peruse the stuff-on-a-stick archives.

Photo by MicheleLaFon
Photo by MicheleLaFon

Learn how to get your guests to shake a stick with these "Yay!" celebratory flags.

Photo by Gogojira
Photo by Gogojira

Or you can have them twirl some festive ribbon wands instead of throwing confetti. These also go well with head-banging. Imagine all of the guests rockin' these wands to a certain song.

Photo by Chelsea Mac
Photo by Chelsea Mac

Here's another mini flags tutorial for minimal effort and maximum cuteness on sticks.

The Sugar Rush
Photo by Swattshots Photography

Laura and Stephen's retro jazz wedding featured handmade candy and ribbon bouquets on (you guessed it) sticks. EXTREME CLOSEUP below. Yep, that was two Wayne's World references in one post. What are you gonna do about it?!

The "Flowers"
Photo by Swattshots Photography
Katie-Jared-Wedding070712NMP-L 20
Photo by Nathan Mitchell Photography
Katie and Jared had sooooo many pies and cakes that it's hard to even notice there are awesomely colorful labels on sticks showcasing the goods.

Lori and Brian know that a handlebar on a stick can really bring some class to any event…

Back of Programs
Photo by KriegsAZ
…especially when they are on the back of a program, a la Carolyn's wedding. This is now deemed a "high-class affair."

Photo by Jenny Kim Photography

But Jax prefers a big ol' grin on a stick to a mustache. It's just how she rolls. Check out more from Jax and Andy's geeky glam Gwen Stefani-loving wedding.

There's more stick madness to see on Offbeat Home & Life and Offbeat Families, including PEEING on a stick (insert my childish giggles here), so head on over for more silly holiday fun!

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