Get creative with these (lightly NSFW) “something blue” options

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These ridiculous shoes were my “something blue.” (Photo by Wild About You Photography)

Who here is doing the whole “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” thing? I did… but by happy accident. My old was jewelry, my new was…. everything I was wearing, something borrowed was nail polish, and my “something blue” just happened to be my shoes (pictured above, in all their plexiglass and way too high-up glory).

I was recently at a wedding where the bride had everything but the blue — she just couldn't figure out what that was going to be. So let's figure it out now! Here are some options for your something blue…

A “Keep your shit together handkerchief embroidered in blue by HookandHoop

Go turquoise blue with this sparkly druzy earrings by SugarSidewalk
Blue Bridal Lace Bolero by HandmadeLaremi
Or this blue swan scarf by Shovava. (You know how we love us some feather scarves)

Get your something blue temporary tattooed on you with these blue temporary tattoos
You can even get blue temporary tattoos for your nails!
One or several of these thin beaded bracelets by ToccoDiLustro
No one's even gotta know about your something blue, unless you want 'em too! What would you embroider on these monogrammed bridal panties?
Or monogrammed bridal boxers from WeaselandStoatLtd
This “something blue” garter flask is so completely impractical, but it cracked me the fuck up. But really, you should just get yourself a plain ‘ol blue hip flask.

Or drink out of these sapphire blue crystal toasting flutes.
Or have a personalized blue label by extraspecialtouch sewn into your dress, tie, or wrap!

What is your “something blue” touch?

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Comments on Get creative with these (lightly NSFW) “something blue” options

  1. My “something blue” was accidental, because it was my hair. It’s the only one out of that rhyme that I don’t personally “get”. I know the symbolism, but only because I was curious and looked it up; whereas old, borrowed and new are fairly obvious symbols and make sense to me, and the same even goes for the symbolism behind the “and a silver sixpence in her shoe” line that most people leave out. But “something blue” doesn’t really resonate or have any meaning for me. (I was actually sort of annoyed when I realised it’d crept in anyway, but unnaturally-coloured hair is awesome so it was worth it.)

    That said, I love those shoes! They’re so sea-foamy! I wouldn’t be able to wear something that high, but I bet you felt you were literally walking on water in them 😛 And I can see why you cracked up at that garter flask, it looks so uncomfortable – like it would be painfully banging against your knee the whole time. But if it wasn’t for that it’d be a cool, sneaky idea 😀

    • Omg, “felt like I was walking on water” would be an accurate description in that… it was IMPOSSIBLE to walk in them on the grass! 😉 I changed out of them after the ceremony. But they look amazing in photos!!!

  2. My something blue is my dress. I special ordered it to have blue hues! (I’m a cinderella freak! Had to be cinderella on my wedding day!) it’s the other things I’m stuck on! Loved the different ideas tho!

  3. My blue was my dress and Jewelry too. I think it refers to the fact that certainly in the UK in medieval times wedding dresses were blue and implied purity that white implies today. because it was easier to dye something blue back then.
    However, Wikepedia says
    Something old,
    something new,
    something borrowed,
    something blue,
    and a silver sixpence in her shoe.
    The old item provided protection for the baby to come. The item borrowed from another happy bride provided good luck. The colour blue was a sign of fidelity. The sixpence — a silver British coin — was a symbol of prosperity or acted as a ward against evil done by frustrated suitors. The superstition is known since 1883 when it was attributed to the county of Lancashire.[1]
    Old was half my jewellry, and also my mum’s garter, which was also borrowed. new was Dress, shoes, earrings, underwear, blue was dress, shoes.

  4. My something blue and something old are easy – none of my grandparents are around and I want to have them each represented so I’m wearing one grandmother’s wedding gown (to be fair I told her I wanted to wear it when I was 6 cause its gorgeous) and from my other grandmother I inherited a brooch that has a little aquamarine in the center so that counts as both old and blue. (I have both of my grandfathers’ dog tags from WWII that I will be tying into my bouquet to keep them close). But the something new and something borrowed are much more tricky.

    • That sounds really lovely and meaningful. Wouldn’t your bouquet count as something new? Or perhaps shoes, or something in your hair? I would have thought “something new” was the easiest thing to find!

      • Oooo Thanks! I never thought about counting the bouquet itself since it gets handed off and then used as table decor later, but that is such a great idea!

  5. My husband provided my something blue by getting me a blue diamond engagement ring. I didn’t mean to do that tradition but it just sort of fell into place so I went with it. The other parts were my great-grandmother’s pearls which were both old and borrowed from my mother, and the new was my dress.

  6. My something blue was a beautiful gold belly ring with the most adorable powder blue bow charm dangling from it. I bought it off of Etsy (sorry, can’t remember the name of the seller!). Sadly, the bow fell off during the honeymoon. 🙁

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