Someone needs to wear this goth-glam anatomical heart necklace at their wedding

Photos by: Leo Herrera
Anatomical Heart Necklace
Anatomical Heart Necklace from Blue Bayer Design NYC

This anatomical heart necklace is definitely on someone's subtle-goth-science-vibe wish list for their wedding, right? Because we need to see it on someone or we'll just buy it ourselves to wear to a wedding. Who needs fake traditional hearts when you can wear a replica of the real thing? Yeah, yeah, we know the brain is the actual love center, but no shits are given! Anatomical hearts fo' life!

It's hand-carved, solid, and comes in two sizes and a variety of colors (black metal, 14k gold plate, bronze plated, etc.).

Anatomical Heart Necklace
Photos by Leo Herrera

Are you loving it like we are? Are you rocking another form of anatomical hearts? Let us know about it in the comments.

  1. It's lovely, but I wish they had it positioned correctly on the model. It needs to be flipped over so the vena cava is on the model's right, and the aortic arch is curving toward the model's left. (to be clear, the heart mold is correct, it just needs to be flipped around on the chain)

  2. Weird, someone with the same name as me has already posted!

    I am really tempted by that necklace. Not just for my wedding but for all the time 😛

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