Some seriously sexy fashion overload in this reader round-up

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Chris & Lily
Oh, Chris and Lily, we've seen your camera-themed invites and your self-portrait guest book idea — but this is our first glimpse of your amazing wedding outfits. My eyeballs are doing backflips over the bright red dress and turquoise parasol combo with the groom's amazing two-toned suit and parasol-matching shirt. These guys are living a wedding fashion dream.

This week it seems ALL our readers were living a wedding fashion dream. Check out the rest of the pics on this very fashionable reader round-up…

happy marriedTamara and Denis got married last month in St. Petersburg, Russia. And just this little glimpse into their wedding day fashions has me falling in love with the both of them. Her short-sleeved green dress with a chunky red necklace. His funky bow tie and belt combo, topped off with a boutonniere that matches her dress fabric!? Ti ochen' krasivaya!

honey 474I love bridal party photos that could double as band photos. I also love cowboy boots with short white dresses. I also love casual wedding party fashions. Basically, I love ALL THE THINGS about this wedding party photo by Poprock Photography.

it's all behind us nowHow adorable is this photo what with Tribesmaid Dreemwhrld‘s vintage-style blue wedding dress, and the mis-matched bridesmaids in black, clutching those awesome bouquets!?

laughingIt would be cruel of me not to show you how gorgeous Dreemwhrld‘s happy face looks while we admire her chest piece and her hotty husband.

Amanda & AronAmanda and Aron were married in Oxford where they shot some very sexy wedding portraits. Matching inked up bodies, naughty ass-grabbing, and all those flowing layers of wedding fabric are just really getting my heart rate up.

IMG_4313Holy WOW! Check out this epic wedding party, all in perfectly matching mis-matching outfits. But let's take a closer look at the cute couple…

IMG_4154This photo is called “radiating love.” Aw. But I'm radiating love for that birdcage veil complete with vintage hexagonal lace and needle-felt bees!

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  1. Dreemwhrld – are those Refinerii bouquets that I spot? I had one as my bridal bouquet and now, almost 2 years later it still sits proudly on my bedroom dresser (I bought the cool sprocket/bolt stand that she makes to go with it)

    • It is Refinerii! My bouquet was powder coated in blue, silver, and black, and so was his boutonniere. Everyone else had the silver ones. They were awesome!

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