Woodland Meadow Farms: The Washington wedding venue that lets you be you!

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Hey look! It's John and Amee, the folks who run Woodland Meadow Farms!
Hey look! It's John and Amee, the folks who run Woodland Meadow Farms!

Washingtonians! Are you currently looking for a kick-ass, offbeat wedding venue? Our sponsor Woodland Meadow Farms is located in Snohomish, and it's unlike any other wedding venue out there.

Woodland Meadow Farms was originally set up by John Beal (a professional dirt bike racer!) as a space for his sister's Medieval-themed wedding, but they now cater to everyone seeking a laid-back-but-beautiful Western Washington wedding location.

Let's take a tour of your future wedding site, and discuss their special Offbeat Bride discount as we virtually stroll the grounds…

Any tour of Woodland Meadow Farms starts in their Wheelie Bar — the dirt bike/sports bar for whomever wins the arm wrestling match for “who gets to get ready in this space.” John and Amee (the folks who run joint) know that if a couple cracks a smile upon entering this room, Woodland Meadow Farms is totally going to throw them one hell of a great party.

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Next, how about a little factoid: The grounds of Woodland Meadow Farms used to be a working Christmas tree farm! Today it's four acres of green lawn, towering evergreens, a 100+ year old walnut tree with a swing, and a pond with waterfalls. I mean, are you kidding me with this gorgeousness? It sets up so nicely with a tent, too:


Ok, next up in our little tour, is The Cottage!
554676_451808291509689_543937209_nBesides being an adorable place for photos, The Cottage is a changing room with vaulted ceilings, a bathroom, and plenty of mirrors for getting ready. This is a totally private area of the property, so if you want to wait for the “first look,” this the spot to hide from each other… or perhaps this is the place you want to escape to for a few moments alone during the reception?

Dirt bike bar, gorgeous grounds, the cottage… all can be yours for a discount!

Mention that you found Woodland Meadow Farms on Offbeat Bride, and they'll give you a 10% discount upon booking!

Also, attention LGBT couples: Woodland Meadow Farms has been an extremely vocal and supportive of Washington state's marriage equality law, even in their somewhat conservative corner of the Western Washington. These guys are ready to rock the eff out of your fully-legal gay wedding.

So if you want a gorgeous but quirky wedding location (as they say “Pretty — AND AWESOME“) that can accommodate large groups while giving you space to be alone (and more importantly, the space to be yourselves!), start scheming with Woodland Meadow Farms today!

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  1. Attention Offbeat Bride readers: please have your wedding here so that I can crash it and get drunk at the dirt bike bar.

    Ariel, who lives just a half hour south

  2. OMG how gorgeous. I wish I lived in Washington, and I’m totally jealous of all you people out there that get to have your wedding here!

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