In defense of smokin’-hot smoking brides

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Kristen on the yellow bench.This is one of my favorite bride smoking photos of all time. It basically inspired this round-up. The photographer explained, “There was this great yellow bench out front, and Kristen wanted a cigarette. She didn't even care guests were arriving and they were going to see the bride — she wanted a good shot and the smoke break. She's the best little thing.”

It's also odd that I should be putting together this roundup, because I'm not, nor will I ever be a smoker (I have really bad asthma, that's severely agitated by smoke), but I DO appreciate some of the dramatic and fun shots we've seen of smoking brides not hiding their habit on their wedding day. That said, of course some people see smoking brides as “tacky” (yawn: aren't we done with that word yet?) or somehow setting a bad example for children at the wedding (puh-lease: brides are real people, not some sort of Disney princess character at an amusement park). Obviously, we all know smoking is bad for your health, but we support people planning weddings that are authentic expressions of who they are — and guess what? SOME PEOPLE SMOKE.

So, if you're wondering about whether or not to light up in your wedding dress, check out this roundup and decide for yourself…


Such a lovely night smokin' out back danielle smoking MakingTheMoment_DG_304
Photo by Photo Pink
This is a photo of Erin and her sisters sharing a smoke and an adorable laugh.
BarrHickson_073 Bad Influence
Last but certainly not least: a bride with a cigar! Photo by Non Fiction Weddings

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Comments on In defense of smokin’-hot smoking brides

  1. Although I don’t smoke myself, my fiance and many of friends and family do. That’s why we’re going to put together a warming tent outside of the smoke-free cabin for the folks who want a more leisurely smoke. There’s no reason they should have to freeze!

  2. No wonder Lindsay’s husband wants that photo on his desk, she’s a BABE and that shot rocks

  3. I am unmarried because my future husband died at the age of 40 due to lung cancer from his 20 year smoking habit. Its hard for me to see smoking as romantic in any way, quite the opposite. So, I was surprised that I really enjoyed these pictures… You are right, brides are people and some people smoke. I like the contradictory assertion these photos make of what a bride is “supposed” to be- a perfect fairy tale princess. Real women are way hotter any day, and these pictures show it.

  4. I don’t smoke and try to avoid it at all costs but some of my favorite wedding photos I’ve taken have been of the bridal party smoking. I guess it’s because they are so relaxed at that moment, genuinely not giving a crap that the camera is there. LOVE the bench photo!

  5. I’m not a smoker anymore, but some of tyhose shots are stellar. The one with the yellow bench is fantastic. My friend Sam and her wine bottle is my favorite though

  6. I don’t smoke, but if I did, I would use a fancy cigarette holder like Cruella Devil from 101 Dalmatians. I’m surprised to not see any featured in some fabulous vintage-y looking shots here.

    • Didn’t feature it because no-one’s submitting a shot to us like that. As always, we can’t feature submissions we don’t have. 🙂

  7. While I’d like to submit weed photos, I understand why no one wants to put a face on that 😉

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