Use favors to help guests find their seat at your small ceremony

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Planning a small wedding? The coolest venues can often be on the small side, or they might require unique seating arrangements — you've got to make the most of limited seating at your ceremony and make sure every seat has a butt in it. Or maybe you'd rather not rent extra chairs just so people can have that empty seat between them and those strange people they don't know.

Take a page out of Jeremy and Eric's book. These grooms placed their wedding favors with name tags on guests' chairs for their small backyard ceremony. Ta-da! No guests are hunting awkwardly for a seat, and every chair gets used.

And bonus! Looks like the canned honey favors are also acting like cute little paperweights to hold down the programs for this outdoor wedding. SMART.

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  1. Love this! Our beer-themed coasters are going to be the favors and place cards, too. Guests can pick them up and take them to the table assigned to them. The beer labels will have the person’s name and table listed so it’s cute and will be something I think many of our friends and family will use again.

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