Now that is some scenery. Ivana and Drejc's Slovenian wedding in the countryside makes me want to run singing about the hills being alive with music. The scenery seriously has me gob-smacked. And Ivana's ocean blue ballerina-style dress adds just the right amount of fluffy whimsy. The overall planning and design was actually done by a landscape architect, Andrej Bašelj, who used blue stones to decorate the ceremony and reception as a biblical allegory for rain.

Rain may have been the order of the day, but the evening was all about fire! Candles lit up Ivana's and Drejc's childhood photos and a huge bonfire lit the dance party afterwards. We are so psyched to have our first Slovenian wedding on the site. Thanks to Marjan Krebelj Photography for sharing it with us.














Oh, there's more to see, not to worry. Head over to Marjan's blog post to see it all in its gauzy-lit glory. (Scroll to the right to see the photos.)

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Comments on A cerulean hillside paradise wedding in Slovenia

  1. EEEEEEEK! So close to home! Congratulations, looks like a lovely, wonderful day!

  2. SO beautiful. That shot through to the church is just heart-lifting. I went to Slovenia several years ago, and it’s a stunning country – really hope I can revisit one day.

  3. It’s magnificent. I love it !!! Can you tell us where this gorgeous wedding took place ? I’m planning on getting married in Slovenian mountains and this is exactly this king of chapel I’m dreaming of. Thanks in advance for your help

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