Slightly insane (and totally amazing) wedding shoes

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By now, y’all know that my taste in shoes is loud and weird. I try to tone things down sometimes because I know that not EVERYONE loves rainbow platforms as much as I do… but everyone once and a while I must indulge. Modcloth always enables these indulgences — while their shoes come and go quickly, their options are always eye-poppingly OMG. And, despite my loving of the loud, I tried to sprinkle in a few less overwhelming options here as well. (Oh and deal alert: Modcloth is having a Last Hurrah! sale, with 70% select items. Ends 10/3/11.)

Proudly Posh Heel

Visual Suede Heel

Breathtaking Bubbly Heel

Dance Jam Heel

'S Marvelous Heel

Ampersand Heel

Session Band Singer Heel

What's the Teal? Heel

Sparkle an Interest Heel

Cuckoo Bootie

Out of Your Shell Heel

High Classy Heel

About the Benjamins Heel

Rachel Antonoff for Bass Saddled with Sweetness Heel

Glitter Bug Heel

Just the Spot Heel

Fairy Teal Romance Heel

Street Safari Boot

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Comments on Slightly insane (and totally amazing) wedding shoes

  1. Um. Hnnnng.

    Should I be happy for my wallet or totally bummed that the two I really, really want are out of stock in my size?

  2. Ooh, I totally want to see the seashell ones in someone’s wedding pix! (too late for me – i just realized i’ve been married for almost a year and a half!)

  3. Hey, Ariel. I know from things I’ve see you post in the past that you are keen to learn about language-use that might make others uncomfortable, so I just wanted to mention that I find ‘insane’ (also ‘crazy’) quite discomfiting in a title.

    Outlandish, quirky, wacky… Well, I’m not a thesaurus, but there’s some other things you could use in the future if you wanted to.

    Thanks for listening.

    • Hare, thanks for this feedback. It’s always an interesting line to walk between being playful with language and being offensive. While I appreciate hearing when other people draw their lines differently from me, this is an instance where I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree. There is a lot of mental illness in my family, so I’m pretty sensitive to these issues — I just draw the line differently when it comes to comfort levels around colloquial use of the word “insane.” Regardless, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

  4. Hey Ariel – how does that 70% off coupon at ModCloth work? When I click the link, it’s just taking me to ModCloth directly and it’s not applying to my order. (I am so grabbing up those peacock shoes)
    These are all OMG AMAZING btw.

    • Oh sorry: it’s not a 70% off coupon — it’s that they’re having a big sale, with lots of stuff being 70% off. Check out the “Last Hurrah” sale on the site to see the discounted stuff.

      I’ll clarify the post to make that more clear!

  5. I’m kinda digging those multicolor glitter shoes…if only they didn’t have heels. Damn you, big feet!

  6. Totally stopped reading when I hit the sparkly champagne shoe and bought it (and another pair!) for my wedding! Loving on their dresses too!

  7. Despite modcloth being out of my size in those pink heeled saddle shoes, I had to find them and subsequently purchase them. Impulse buy, but holy heck, those are super cute for work. 😀

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