Skulls @ weddings

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Sometimes it's just the little details that I love…things like teeny skulls hidden through people's weddings. Like a skull necklace…

Yay, I'm hitched!

…or a skull ring.
Josh's Wedding Band

…or a skull garter.


…or cake toppers!

Cake topper

These photos are from several different weddings, so click the photos above to view more… or go view our entire SKULLS archive!

Comments on Skulls @ weddings

  1. Great photos! Me and my fiance plan to have a Tim Burton themed wedding with lots of skulls too!

    Ever since he proposed to me with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring from while we watched a corpse bride, we wanted that to be our theme!

    I love the cake topper we need one of those asap!

  2. We’re having the skeleton cake topper, a skull garter (with a bonus flask holder), and skull brocade corset with Tom’s matching skull brocade vest. Oh, and since it’s on Halloween you know there will be a TON of skull decorations!

  3. Yay! We’re doing a memento mori “theme” and hiding little skulls thoughout our wedding.

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