Skull shoes and accessories for creepy weddings (and other days)

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Too Fast Sugar Skull Web Square Peg Platform HeelIt's been a while since I did a skull-focused shoe round-up, and I know some of you are already scheming your Halloween 2012 weddings, so it's about damn time I got proactively ghoulish and focused on some skeletal shoes.

As always, I tried to go for a range of styles and sizes — even within this niche of skully shoes. You'll find some spendy Alexander McQueen styles and some uber-cheap Iron Fist stuff, sky-high heels and comfy flats (even a pair of clogs). I also tossed in a couple skull-related accessories that might work for Halloween (or otherwise spooky) weddings.

So without further ado, let's get eye-socketty up in this bitch!

Iron Fist Women's Gold Star Wedge Pump - Womens Shoes

Alexander McQueen - Twin Skull Clutch Nappa Cachemire (Black/White) - Bags and Luggage
Tarina Tarantino - Skull Poetry Embrace (Ivory) - Jewelry
Iron Fist Women's Ruff Rider Red Platform Pump - Womens Shoes
Alexander McQueen - Twin Skull Clutch (Black/Optical White) - Bags and Luggage
Iron Fist Women's Sugar Witch Platform Pump - Womens Shoes
Iron Fist Women's New Rider Boot - Womens Shoes
Steve Madden - Croquet L (Black Skull) - Footwear
Iron Fist Women's Demon Donkey Platform Pump - Womens Shoes
Tarina Tarantino - Skull Poetry Nightfall (Ivory) - Jewelry
Roper - Flowers Skull Boot (Brown) - Footwear
Tarina Tarantino - Skull Poetry Myriad (Ivory) - Jewelry
Vivienne Westwood - MAN Plastic Moccasin with Skull (Black) - Footwear


Comments on Skull shoes and accessories for creepy weddings (and other days)

  1. Dammit I love the hell out of some Iron Fist shoes but they just aren’t practical for me! I do wanna say thank you for feeding my shoe window shopping addiction!

  2. Hi, love the ideas of skulls..We are having a biker/Scottish wedding and skulls are playing a big part..

  3. If only I could walk in those things! I’m currently planning a Halloween themed 2012 wedding and I’m on the hunt for some shoes, creepy or non-creepy, preferably purple with a thick 1-2″ heel.

  4. The red booties with black straps! Who needs a wedding? I want to wear these to the grocery store.

  5. Thank you!! We are having a Dios de Los Muertos inspired October wedding. I think the first pair of shoes may be the ones for me!!!

  6. Oh, how I wish I could afford the Alexander McQueen ones. I’ve been drooling over them for months and they are pretty damn perfect.

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