Skull shoes and accessories for creepy weddings (and other days)

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It's been a while since I did a skull-focused shoe round-up, and I know some of you are already scheming your Halloween 2012 weddings, so it's about damn time I got proactively ghoulish and focused on some skeletal shoes.

As always, I tried to go for a range of styles and sizes — even within this niche of skully shoes. You'll find some spendy Alexander McQueen styles and some uber-cheap Iron Fist stuff, sky-high heels and comfy flats (even a pair of clogs). I also tossed in a couple skull-related accessories that might work for Halloween (or otherwise spooky) weddings.

So without further ado, let's get eye-socketty up in this bitch!

Iron Fist Women's Gold Star Wedge Pump - Womens Shoes

Alexander McQueen - Twin Skull Clutch Nappa Cachemire (Black/White) - Bags and Luggage

Tarina Tarantino - Skull Poetry Embrace (Ivory) - Jewelry

Iron Fist Women's Ruff Rider Red Platform Pump - Womens Shoes

Alexander McQueen - Twin Skull Clutch (Black/Optical White) - Bags and Luggage

Iron Fist Women's Sugar Witch Platform Pump - Womens Shoes

Iron Fist Women's New Rider Boot - Womens Shoes

Steve Madden - Croquet L (Black Skull) - Footwear

Iron Fist Women's Demon Donkey Platform Pump - Womens Shoes

Tarina Tarantino - Skull Poetry Nightfall (Ivory) - Jewelry

Roper - Flowers Skull Boot (Brown) - Footwear

Tarina Tarantino - Skull Poetry Myriad (Ivory) - Jewelry

Vivienne Westwood - MAN Plastic Moccasin with Skull (Black) - Footwear



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Comments on Skull shoes and accessories for creepy weddings (and other days)

  1. Dammit I love the hell out of some Iron Fist shoes but they just aren’t practical for me! I do wanna say thank you for feeding my shoe window shopping addiction!

  2. Hi, love the ideas of skulls..We are having a biker/Scottish wedding and skulls are playing a big part..

  3. If only I could walk in those things! I’m currently planning a Halloween themed 2012 wedding and I’m on the hunt for some shoes, creepy or non-creepy, preferably purple with a thick 1-2″ heel.

  4. The red booties with black straps! Who needs a wedding? I want to wear these to the grocery store.

  5. Thank you!! We are having a Dios de Los Muertos inspired October wedding. I think the first pair of shoes may be the ones for me!!!

  6. Oh, how I wish I could afford the Alexander McQueen ones. I’ve been drooling over them for months and they are pretty damn perfect.

  7. Ah have a look at butler and wilson for amazing skull accessories! they are beautiful

  8. Iron Fist had a 50% off thingy going through today– I just got one of these pairs of shoes!!!

  9. Oh my, if only I could wear such heels! these are giving me major case of shoe envy.

  10. LOVE!! Getting married on The Day of the Dead this year, and really want skull or sugar skull shoes. I was originally fixated on peacock-colored shoes, but the Iron Fist ones I wanted are no longer available. 🙁 So those top shoes may be The Ones!!

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