Skeletons, spikes and steampunk shoes, OH MY!

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Thanks to Offbeat Bride reader Maureen for sending these Skelton Xray Pumps our way just in time for Halloween week!

Maureen explained:

I am obsessed with Halloween and was doing some browsing instead of tending to my grad school homework. Ummmm… these are awesome and wouldn't they be perfect for a Dia de Los Muertos wedding, or just for any super-cool offbeat bride who wants to rock them with her outfit?

Then, while researching that skeleton shoe, I came across these bad boys and just lost it…

The Metropolis Predator Skeleton Pump comes in black, white, red, and silver. And that backbone detail just blows me away.

On a similar note, check out all of Metropolis' steampunk-inspired footwear. I am officially in AWE.

Comments on Skeletons, spikes and steampunk shoes, OH MY!

  1. Um, yeah. That second shoe: Not Steampunk.

    Goth, maybe.

    Metropolis doesn’t quite seem to know what Steampunk means, since they call one of their other shoes “Steampunk Sky Captain”. Sky Captain is Dieselpunk, not Steampunk.

    • Oh I know, I don’t know WHY the backbone skeleton shoe is in their steampunk collection, I though it was PERFECT for Halloween, etc.

      But even if they don’t get their steampunk minutia right, those shoes are still all sorts of awesome in my book!

    • Ahahahahahah! RIGHT!? I just found out about them today and had to get a post up ASAP.

  2. Sweet that this got up so fast, glad I could help. Also when I found those shoes on the Spirit Halloween site, I noticed they had guys dress shoes to match and also a blood splatter design too.

  3. the Steampunk Collection is shoe-gasm worthy and I really love the Predator Skeleton pump! thank you Megan!

  4. AWWW those Steampunk shoes just make me sad, since I wear 12 wide, and they only go up to 11 medium width. 🙁

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