The beauty of simplicity: When a family member gets a terminal diagnosis, your wedding priorities shift

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This weekend I attended the wedding of my brother-in-law Chris in Missoula. He and his fiance, Sacha, had intended to get married in September … but when they got the word a couple weeks ago that Chris's mother's cancer was back with a vengeance and her time is limited, they moved the wedding up by four months. The whole event was planned in about 10 weeks.

Aisle, Montana-style

Vows in hand

The wedding was positively beautiful, and lead to me to think about how in many ways wedding planning will expand to fill as much time and/or money as you want to throw at it. If you have two weeks to prepare, you strip it down to the most important things and the result is deeply meaningful. In the case of this wedding, the top priority was that the mother of the groom be present. And she was.

Jerry & Sallie look on

The bride and her cheekbones

I acted as stand-in wedding photographer:

Big Sky wedding

More of my pictures of this backyard Montana wedding are over here.

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