My incredibly simple, $14, no-sew DIY veil

Guest post by Sheila Rose
Photos by Aly Carroll
Photos by Aly Carroll

I never wanted to wear a veil, I am not big on the symbolism or the look of most veils, and it isn't something I even considered until trying a few on at the wedding shop and feeling like “such a beautiful bride” or something. But we didn't have an extra $200 for a veil, I wasn't crazy about any in the shop, I was already planning on wearing a flower crown, so I just let the idea go. Until I stumbled across a photo of a bride wearing this kind of epic veil.

Despite my sewing machine still being unopened in the box (for three years) I was all like “I can do this!” So my mom and I headed to a craft store in search of a gigantic piece of fabric to make this happen…


And this is what we left with. I think it was 50% off so the total was maybe $14. I emailed my seamstress friend asking if she would be able to help me with it, just trimming the sides a bit to make it “fit” better but the wedding was only a few weeks away at this point, and I sort of forgot about it. Then when I did remember again, I really didn't have time for another thing, so the fabric just stayed in the bag for about a month, untouched.

A few days before the wedding I pulled it out, threw it over my head again and decided to bring it for pictures (which is all I ever really wanted to use it for anyway) and just see how it worked out…

Photo by

Photos by Aly Carroll


It ended up looking exactly how I wanted. And I can hardly even consider it a real project because I put zero effort in to it, aside from coming up with the idea in the first place and picking out the fabric.

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  1. Zero effort AND it looks fabulous? That’s my kind of DYI! If I wasn’t set on using my mom’s veil as my something old, I would totally steal this idea.

  2. Wowza!! Nicely done 🙂 I keep waffling on the idea of a veil, but this looks doable. May I ask how you kept it secured? Did you wear it all day? Just curious about the “logistics” of so much fabric. Thanks!

    • Sorry for taking so long to reply! It wasn’t secured with anything, I only wore it for photos and if I had tried to walk around in it I definitely would of tripped over it immediately!

  3. I just got 3 yards of mesh fabric from Joann’s, some hair combs, and an assortment of crystal beads & pearls. I laid out the fabric, guessed at the length I wanted, rounded the corners of the bottom, scrunched it up and sewed it onto the comb by hand with clear thread.

    Full body view:[email protected]/9028981755/in/set-72157634169895990
    You can get a glimpse at the pearls/beads on the comb here:[email protected]/9028783371/in/set-72157634164797523

  4. Oooh, I love this! So easy and such a good result. Kinda makes me wish I had a reason to wear a veil again, but I don’t think it’s quite the right look for taking the toddler to the park…

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