Silver wedding shoes for brides, grooms, and everyone else

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Photo courtesy of @DefinitiveTech on Twitter
Photo courtesy of @DefinitiveTech on Twitter

So there I was on Twitter, minding my own business, and in my stream of endless data, this picuture of John Legend and his amazing silver shoes pops up, posted by DefinitiveTech. I was immediately like,

Of course I had to know about the shoes (THE SHOES), and it turns out they're $600 Saint Laurent Duckies. Now, as much as I love all their curves and all their edges (see what I did there?), I get that $600 shoes aren't in the cards for all of us, so I'mma just wrastle up some more silver shoes for he-foots, she-foots, and anyone else who loves silver! Confession: apparently silver men's shoes are all almost as expensive as John's Saint Laurents, so prepare thyselves.

Lulu Richelieu Balmorals

Jeffery-West - Airman (Silver) - Footwear

Jeffery-West - YSMF (Liquid Silver) - Footwear

Vivienne Westwood - Crack Trainer (Cracked Silver) - Footwear

Alexander McQueen - Albert Derby (Silver) - Footwear



Metallic Plain-Toe Bluchers


Random bonus shoe


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Comments on Silver wedding shoes for brides, grooms, and everyone else

  1. Some of these would be great for a steampunk outfit. Either for a wedding or just because!

  2. “Yes I candescent” – the maryjane heels – look like a shorter heeled version of the ones i fell in love with at the dress store. I’m going dress shopping tomorrow and I think I’m ready to purchase… it’s possible I will be purchasing my shoes, too. Thanks!

  3. Loooove the ankle boots and the Diesel oxfords -_- I don’t think the FH would be into silver shoes at all, maybe silver TEVAS! 🙂

  4. *cries* How come all the shoes I like are either way too expensive or don’t come in my size? *wails* Some very pretty shoes on here though.

  5. I’m getting married next year and I wonder if these would be allowed down the aisles? I would REALLY wear them, don’t know if they would get worn again.

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