13 pairs of bold and beyond affordable wedding shoes from Show Story

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It's going to be one of those weeks where I deep-dive into one brand of shoes to see the full range of what they offer. This week it's a super cheap, somewhat costume-y brand called Show Story, which I found on Amazon after browsing around to check out Hot Chocolate‘s latest shoes (remember Hot Chocolate? YEAH, YOU DO.)

Show Story clearly focuses on shoes that are bright and bold, and not incredibly well-made. I mean, for $20, you think you're going to get hand-cobbled high quality stuff? No, you're going to get a bright and bold pair of shoes you can wear a few times — your wedding being one of those times! We've got starry night pumps, sandals with heart heels, and lil tuxedo booties. Let's go!

Night Sky High Heel Stiletto Platform Ankle Boots

Show story white gladiator pumps on offbeat bride

skull shoes on offbeat bride

blue heart heels sandals on offbeat bride

purple bow heels on offbeat bride

starry night heels on offbeat bride

cone heels

ruffle heel on offbeat bride

damask heel booties

curved heels on offbeat bride

tuxedo heels on offbeat bride

Random bonus weirdly adorable thing you can register for:

Why yes, that is a bunny rabbit ring holder that you could use for your wedding rings — AWWWW!

bunny rabbit ring holder on offbeat bride

(Pro tip: set up a universal registry on Amazon to immediately add weirdly adorable shit like this to YOUR registry.)

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