Short ruffly wedding dresses

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Lately, I've been noticing lots of short, colorful and playfully ruffled wedding dresses on offbeat brides. I'm guessing I'll be seeing even more in Spring 2009 weddings. Here are a couple recent examples:

For more info about the wedding on the left, over to Merge Weddings' flickr stream. For more info about the wedding on the right, head over to mi bell inc's gallery.

(Thanks to Rachel and Mel R for sending these in!)

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Comments on Short ruffly wedding dresses

  1. Hooray for dresses that can be worn again! I’m always a little saddened by fancy, expensive white wedding dresses that really have no place out in the real world. I think it would be fun to have a wedding dress that could be worn for many years (and parties!) to come. Every time you wore it, you would be reminded of your wedding.

  2. When I walked into the cabin and saw Erin getting ready with brown feathers in her hair and that lime green Betsey Johnson dress, I knew without a doubt we were in for a fun time at their circus-theme wedding.

    Really. Fake moustaches for the group photos; etc. Check out the links from the flickr stream to see all the glory!!

  3. I <3 these dresses. Here in New Orleans, winters are milder and I have been drooling over short and foofy dresses like these for my November wedding.

  4. i love it! im short and ive been looking for a short dress, everything ive tried on makes me look like a cake topper. DID I MENTION I LOVE IT!!!!

  5. OK, imagine my surprise when I looked through pictures of the wedding on the left and recognized 2 people in one of the photos! I do not know the couple and they didn’t even get married in my state! Weird. But anyway, I LOVE the green dress…Betsey Johnson is one of my faves. Yay for short and ruffly!

  6. Oh my god… I want the blue dress so badly. Just to, you know, wear ALL THE TIME.

    Any ideas on what/how to search for something like that?

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