9 pairs of adorably petal-like shoes with scalloped edges

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shoes with scalloped edges
These Bettie Page shoes are all rocking the scallops!

I just can't escape the lure of these wavy-lined scalloped shoes. The edging gives them all a little of a delicate feel, without getting full-on into bows or flowers. (And god knows I love those details, too!) Let's browse through 12 pairs of my favorite adorable shoes with petal-ish scalloped edges. Or maybe they're not petal-ish… maybe they're kind of mermaid-y. Up to you to decide!

How cute are these mint scalloped flats?
Scalloped wedding heels from Jessica Simpson
Wanna be comfy on your wedding day? These pink scalloped flats are so cute, so comfortable!
Ok maybe black Louboutins aren't everyone's idea of bridal footwear but we are loving it!
Blush pink scalloped kitten heel!
These shoes cover your SOMETHING BLUE *and* are covered in rainbows?! YASSSSS


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